5 summer apps to cool off

Games 10.08.2020

It’s hot! So hot! Whether you are spending your summer days on a nice beach, camping in the woods or just at home. We have the 5 perfect mobile games for you to cool off and have fun! Let’s get to it.

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Clash Royale

Cool off by bringing the heat in these 1v1 real-time battles against opponents all over the world. Collect cards with all sorts of different unit types to defend your towers while trying to bring down those of your opponent. Better, join or start a clan to cooperate and battle enemy clans across the world. A match lasts for just about three minutes, so it’s perfect for a quick duel on the beach or wherever you spend the hot summer days.

Candy Crush Saga

The legendary match-3 game is still going strong - and with over 7.000 levels (!) you can spend more than just one summer with this dangerously sweet puzzle game. While it starts out slowly and may seem too easy at the beginning, it turns into a challenging brain twister later. A perfect game to pass the time in the sun.

Mario Kart Tour

We don’t know what it feels like to take part in a Mario Kart race. We do know however that getting a boost by perfectly timing the drift results in a cooling breeze during hot races! Get them (at least virtually) this summer with Mario Kart Tour on your phone! The game constantly gets new courses, characters and more with regular updates. Now you can even drive in landscape mode if you so wish!

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO became a smash hit during the summer of 2016. Four years later, the developers have added more and more features and of course new Pokémon. Go out for a walk, battle arena leaders or Team Rocket bad guys. There are also new features in place to help you play the game from your home. Even during the hot summer days it’s important to stay active, but always stay hydrated as well. Bring enough to drink with you on your Pokémon GO summer hikes.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

How about going camping this summer? In real life and virtually, we mean. The perfect way to achieve both at the same time is with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The mobile game spin-off of the famous Nintendo series brings the cute animal management sim to your phone! Take Isabelle and her friends with you, help them create the perfect camp site to gaze upon the stars or go for a swim in the pool to cool down.