App of the Month: Empire: Four Kingdoms

App des Monats: Empire: Four Kingdoms
Games 18.01.2019

The paysafecard App of the Month for January again comes from the strategy experts, Goodgame Studios in Hamburg, Germany. The developers have already published several pearls. One of the best-known games by the strategy designers is Empire: Four Kingdoms. Here is all of the information!

From the small castle to the mighty fortress

In Empire: Four Kingdoms, gamers become the rulers of a new empire. But every beginning is manageable. At the start, the empire only consists of a small castle. As the king and lord of the castle, resources, such as wood, iron and food, need to be gathered and used correctly. For this, more than 60 constructions, such as lumberjacks, iron smelters and grain silos, can be built and improved. The better the empire is equipped, the larger the population will become. This, in turn, means higher tax revenues, with which the fortress can be improved further.

Defence is the alpha and omega

New lords of the castle should first of all ensure the defence of the fortress. Using a defence workshop, for example, hurling stones and fire arrows are produced, which are intended to scare off the attackers at the castle wall. Naturally, every empire needs a good army with soldiers, such as spear-bearers and mace-bearers and also heroes, who can provide their special talents for the battle. This way, the fortress grows quickly and constantly becomes larger and more powerful.

With alliances against other rulers

All of this is intended to prepare you for the battle against other rulers. This can occur alone, but many advantages are opened up with an alliance. The members of an alliance receive bonuses and support one another in major battles. Peace is naturally sometimes the best choice. There are diplomatic options for this, such as a non-aggression pact. The strategy of the alliance can be discussed in chat with the other members. For the regular events, alliances with one another can also be helpful.

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