App of the month: Empire: Millennium Wars

App des Monats: Empire: Millennium Wars
Games 13.12.2018

The December paysafecard app comes from the strategy experts Goodgame Studios of Hamburg, Germany. The developers have already published a number of hits. Empire: Millennium Wars is yet another successful mobile game. Find all the information here!

Empire on Mars

The goal: to build a corporate empire on Mars. The valuable resource Millennium has unleashed a gold rush on the red planet and every company wants to become the market leader. In order to achieve this, laboratories, habitats, hospitals, consulates, radar stations and other strategically important buildings need to be constructed. They all serve the objective of making the empire more profitable and strengthening it with an impenetrable defence.

Armed for war

Defence is also the key, as the road to corporate empire on Mars is not peaceful. There are many opponents. Enemies, including bandits and other players, want to foil your plans and need to be held off. For this purpose, resources can be invested for helpful improvements. For example, the smelter can improve metal production, given enough resources.

Defence and attack

A giant wall is provided to defend against attackers. The wall can be reinforced with bombs, barricades and cannons. But attack is the best defence. There are three types of unit for this: tanks, heavy weapons and snipers. The units can also be improved, which may decide victory or defeat in attacks against bandits and enemy players.

Alliance for more prosperity

Mars is a tough challenge for new empires. In order to get help, players can form alliances for mutual support. Each alliance can have up to 100 players and presents itself with a short description. Working together, players can share resources and helps each other in quests, events and major battles. The language of the alliance can also be selected, in order to consult with other players in chat.

The game is here

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