App of the month: QubeTown

App des Monats: QubeTown
Games 14.03.2019

 The paysafecard app of the month for March is QubeTown. The game originates from South Korea and is published by Webzen. What makes QubeTown so special and all other information is available here!



Rebuild Qubetown

QubeTown was once a peaceful place full of happiness and well-ordered fields. The emphasis is on "was", as trolls have attacked the town and left it a wreck. Now, it is the task of the (male or female) lord to restore Qubetown to the paradise that it once was.

Sowing and harvesting

For this purpose, the town needs to be made shipshape again. Buildings, such as silos, houses, barns and many more must be repaired or built. Bringing the fields into order is particularly important. This functions very easily with intuitive menus and wiping movements.

The baker needs grains to bake bread. The cows also need feed in order to produce milk. With a dairy, milk is made into cheese. This way, trade will flourish and new shops will open. Gradually, more and more people will come to QubeTown, the town will grow and develop further.

Trolls and mini games

There is a lot to do in QubeTown. In addition to bringing the fields into order, there are also mines to explore, a flying dragon trading post to manage, adapting the lord with customised clothing and the trolls also repeatedly cause problems. For variety in between, there are mini games. Everything is packed into cute and child-friendly graphics. Also, there are events every month, and you can produce new types of products related to every event.


Connect my paysafecard and Google Play

The paysafecard app of the month QubeTown can be downloaded in the Google Play Store. Especially conveniently: you can now pay in the Google Play Store using paysafecard. This means that without a bank account or credit cards, apps, games and in-app purchases can be bought prepaid with total cost control. For this, the “my paysafecard” account only needs to be linked with the Google Account. Further information on paysafecard in the Google Play Store can be found here.