Gaming clichés that simply aren't true

Gaming-Klischees, die einfach nicht wahr sind
Games 26.07.2017

Every gamer has experienced it: You're hanging out in a group and begin to discuss your favourite pastimes. Then someone mentions that they play video games, and the reaction is often one of surprised looks or complete incomprehension. It doesn't take long for the commentary to begin, for example "Haven't you grown up yet?" or "But video games glorify violence".

Even though gaming is becoming more widespread in society (most people, at the very least, play something on their smartphones from time to time), and the gaming industry now makes more profit than the film industry, some clichés nevertheless persist. This is an annoying state of play, but nevertheless we did have some fun putting this list together – approaching the whole issue with a sense of humour was probably the best way to come to terms with it.

Your gaming cave is a pigsty...

… in the end, all gamers are messy. Old pizza boxes and empty cola bottles are stacked up in the corner. Even if there weren't all that rubbish, pure chaos would still reign, because the space is littered with collectable figurines and a diverse range of merchandising products.

They are socially isolated...

… and have no real friends. The only social interaction they have is with other poor, lost souls in an online multiplayer universe. Gamers naturally have no friends, and will remain virgins forever, that much is clear.

Gamers are fat...

...and ugly; they feed only on pre-cooked meals and are extremely reluctant to let their bodies come into contact with water. The result is a strong body odour as well as greasy hair, that is of course long and unkempt.

Gamers never leave the house...

...and instead live in the gloom of their mother's basement for eternity. The sunlight is only to be seen on special occasions. Those are the times when gamers must cover themselves with a 1cm-thick layer of sunscreen, or else their pale, pasty skin will burst into flames.

There are no female gamers... where should all these ugly guys conjure up girlfriends? Women cannot comprehend this leisure activity at all. The few women who are gamers prefer to look and act like men, anyway.

Gamers are terrible at school...

… and don't do anything productive with their lives. Because of course, spending your spare time in front of the screen watching hundreds of reality TV episodes with horrible actors is definitely doing a better job at training your mental facilities than solving a puzzle in Portal.

Every gamer has the potential to go off the rails... the end, they can't separate fiction from reality. A round of Call of Duty definitely serves as training for senseless murder in reality. Since CoD is a best-seller almost every year, we're not safe anywhere anymore.

Games are a useless pastime...

...they are a pure waste of time and money, and they have no artistic value. Gaming is kid's stuff that nobody can take seriously. There's no point even talking about the Grammy for the Civilization IV soundtrack, or the millions in prize money being won in E-sports tournaments.


It seems that gamers should be long-extinct: After all, according to these preconceptions, they are a total 0 out of 10, never leave the house, and are not capable of communicating with the other sex out in the real world. It therefore follows that they should never be capable of breeding and passing their aggression and addiction on to their offspring.

Luckily, all of these clichés are just that: Clichés. Sure, not every gamer is a stunner. However, both overweight fast food fans and attractive women with freshly-painted nails take a shot at playing a range of games across all genres.

Even if we have characterised these stereotypes a bit more drastically than usual: We definitely see the future of gaming developing, and we're confident that in a few years gaming will be thought of as just another hobby, and the commentary will slowly fade away. We also hope that gaming, as a medium, finally receives the recognition it deserves. After all, they often combine stories full of depth with a specially composed soundtrack as well as the newest graphic design technologies in order to create a total work of art.