The best offers from the Google Play Year End Deals 2018!

Promotions 18.12.2018

2018 is slowly but steadily coming to an end. It's exactly the right time to think about good resolutions for 2019. Always a good objective: save money. On cue, here are the Year End Deals on Google Play! The sale is divided into two weeks. Here is all the information about the games and the offers for in-app purchases*!

Week 1 (20.12.18 – 26.12.18)

Clash Royale

Naturally, the super fun real-time strategy game Clash Royale must be included in the Year End Deals! Two players clash together live on the internet. The objective is to destroy the opponent's tower. The player with the better strategy and the right choice of units will win. The sale includes Holiday Bundles with 3 x value on strategy games.

Pokémon GO

The AR game Pokémon GO ensures long walks at the turn of the year. In this game, the popular pocket monsters need to be found and captured in the real world using a GPS connection. Three teams storm into conflict in arenas around the entire world. The sale includes Special Bundles with Poké Bälls, drinks and other useful items for Pokémon adventurers.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Anyone who wants to play the current part of the role-playing game series Final Fantasy can play Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition on their smartphone or tablet. The epic role-playing game was modified for the mobile devices and offers a quite distinctive graphical style. The sale offers new gamers glittering gold deals. Experienced gamers of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition get a Google Play-exclusive chest.

Week 2 (27.12.18 – 02.01.19)

PUBG Mobile

Battle Royale is just right for relaxing in the stressful holiday season. In this mobile version of the popular Battle Royale shooter, gamers can fight for the last place on the island with adjusted touch control. The sale includes 50% off in exclusive deals.

Marvel: Contest of Champions

Even during the holidays, the battle of the superheroes in Marvel: Contest of Champions keeps going. Two well-known superheroes clash in this classic battle game. As part of the sale, there are not only quests and events but also a festive crystal discount.

Summoners War: Sky Arena

The MMO Game Summoners War: Sky Arena combines turn-based strategy, over 1000 different collectable monsters and online multiplayer action to make a gigantic role-playing game with numerous events and updates. For Christmas, there's a Christmas Special Package with a 70% discount!

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*The offer may vary by country: no warranty.