The best offers of the Google Play Deals Week 2019


 While it keeps getting warmer, brighter and more welcoming out there, you can make massive savings in Google Play Deals Week 2019 from 18 to 25 April! Here is all the information on the mobile games and the offers.*

Pokémon GO

The fun AR Game Pokémon GO ensures long spring walks. Here, the popular pocket monsters need to be found and caught in the real world with a GPS connection. Three teams clash in the battle for arenas. The sale includes a 70% discount on the Ultra-Box or Adventure Box with Pokébälls, drinks and other useful items for Pokémon adventurers.


Everything is possible with Roblox! A community of over 30 million gamers creates new adventures here every day. Thousands of games are just waiting to be discovered in a fantasy-rich world, alone or with friends. In addition to an Easter egg hunt, the sale also has a 75% discount on exclusive avatar items!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

Kamehameha! In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, Dokkan E and the World Tournament can be played with the characters of the world-famous animé. Gamers can create teams with Goku, Frieza, Cell and many more and experience chaotic clashes bringing the fighters from different Dragon Ball epochs together. The sale includes a 50% discount on the 32 stone package!

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Anyone who wants to play the current part of the RPG series Final Fantasy can do it on their phone or tablet with Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. The epic role-playing game was redeveloped for this, offering MMORPG RTS game play for the pocket, allowing you to build your own empire, alone or with friends. In the sale, the value of bonus gold and resource items is increased by up to 100%.

PUBG Mobile

In this mobile version of the popular Battle Royale shooter, gamers can fight for the last place on the island with adjusted touch control. You can get a special sword-fighter set in the sale.

*Offers may vary according to country, no guarantee

paysafecard on Google Play

All the offers of Play Deals Week 2019 can be found in the Google Play Store. Especially conveniently: you can now pay in the Google Play Store using paysafecard. This means that without a bank account or credit cards, apps, games and in-app purchases can be bought prepaid with total cost control. The "my paysafecard" account just needs to be connected to the Google account. Further information on paysafecard in the Google Play Store can be found here.