Top up your NETELLER account with paysafecard

with NETELLER, you have access to thousands of websites, which you can use, for example, for fast and risk-free shopping, or to make secure transfers. You can top up your NETELLER account quickly and simply with paysafecard. Sign up now free of charge for my paysafecard and then upload credits to your NETELLER account.

So top up your NETELLER account so simply in 3 steps with my paysafecard:

  1. Buy


    Buy paysafecard in the nearest sales outlet.

  2. Upload to my paysafecard Upload to my paysafecard

    Load up the paysafecard PINs to your my paysafecard account. If you don't yet have an account, sign up now free of charge.

  3. Adding funds to the wallet

    Adding funds to the wallet

    Add funds to your NETELLER account using my paysafecard: To do this, select paysafecard when you make your deposit and enter your my paysafecard user name and password.

my paysafecard top-up limits

PIN payment limit

Standard status total limit

Unlimited status daily limit

Unlimited status 30-day limit

25 GBP

GBP 250

GBP 850

GBP 2,500

Top-up fees

Topping up your NETELLLER account with my paysafecard incurs a fee of 2.5% of the top-up amount.

An overview of any additional NETELLER limits can be found in your NETELLER account. Please note: You are only able to top up your NETELLER account with a my paysafecard account. Plus, both accounts must be registered in the same country.