Fund your Playstation Store Wallet risk free with paysafecard

PlayStation Network (PSN) is Sony’s online network for all internet-capable consoles from the Japanese electronics company. In the store players can buy digital downloads of games, play with friends and chat to other gamers.

PSN launched in 2000. Back then it was only used for the online options of a few games. Today it is an integral component of Sony consoles. As such, since the PS3, every player is required to create a PSN account when starting a Sony console for the first time or to log in to an existing account. This account serves as their ID in online games. It also provides them with access to PlayStation®Store and trophies for reaching certain stages in games. PlayStation®Store is where players can buy new, digital games and expansions (DLCs) for existing games. Films can also be purchased there. Since the launch of the PS4, online gaming is only possible with a PS Plus membership. This is also available for purchase from PSN Store and, in addition to online gaming, it also offers several free games a month. At the same time, membership also makes it possible to store game saves in the Cloud. People wishing to buy games, DLCs or a PS Plus membership via PlayStation®Store must fund their PSN Wallet. Since 2016, funding your PlayStation Store Wallet has been possible with paysafecard. With your Wallet funded you are free to shop at PSN Store as you wish, for anything from new games and additional content to PlayStation avatars and themes.

Funding your PSN Wallet with paysafecard – described step by step:

Funding your PSN Wallet with paysafecard is fast and your balance is instantly available to use.

  • Buy paysafecard: Using paysafecard requires neither a bank account nor a credit card. paysafecard can be bought from numerous sales outlets, such as REWE, Deutsche Post and EDEKA. paysafecard PINs in the following amounts are available: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 100 EUR.
  • Log into PSN: The next step takes you into PSN and then PlayStation®Store. It’s then up to you if you want to buy a new game, a DLC or a membership subscription. Naturally, you can also fund your PSN Wallet without immediately buying anything. Sign into PSN and enter the store. This is also possible from different devices, such as from a PC or smartphone. This allows you to also use them to fund your Wallet and purchase a game to download to your console later.
  • Add funds: In PlayStation®Store click on Add funds to see an overview of the payment methods. To add funds to your PlayStation account you first have to confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Clicking the option paysafecard opens a panel requesting your ID card or passport details. This is followed by another panel in which you enter the 16-digit PIN. If the PIN is correct, your PSN account is topped up by the amount you added, which is ready for you to spend.