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paysafecard, as the name indicates, is a prepaid means of payment for secure payments over the Internet. paysafecard is as safe as cash, and should be treated as such. Due to recent events, we have revised our paysafecard security web page. The web page contains important information about how to protect yourself and your money from fraudsters and malware.

The web page gives answers to frequently asked questions such as: “How can I recognise malware designed for fraudulent activities?” Through a comprehensive list (sorted by publication date), the web page also provides an overview of known fraud. Sample images illustrate the viruses and trojans to help users to identify the fraud in case of an attack. The security web page also contains helpful links to solutions for trojan viruses as well as software recommendations for protection against malicious software.

The paysafecard security web page can be reached through the following link:




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For US customers: paysafecard is issued by The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Schweiz GmbH mit Sitz in Business Village Luzern, Platz 6, 6039 Root D4, Switzerland ist ein der Eidgenössischen Finanzmarktaufsicht (FINMA) direkt unterstellter Finanzintermediär.

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