The history of paysafecard begins in 2000: Four Austrians develop the idea of bringing "cash for the Internet" – known as the paysafecard – onto the market. The mode of operation is similar to that of a calling card: The customer purchases paysafecard at a sales outlet and pays using the printed 16-digit PIN.

The company carries out pioneering work with the development of paysafecard and are able to launch in Germany just one year after its founding.

The product is further developed and, in 2002, is available for the first time not just as a physical card, but also as a printout (e-voucher). In 2004, the payment method can be purchased online. 

2006 heralds the expansion of paysafecard and sees the launch of the operational business in Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Great Britain and Slovakia. For its further internationalisation, the company is granted EU funding (eTEN) the following year in order to spread the possibility of paying in the Internet without a credit card as far as possible.

2008 also brings further successes: More than 15 million transactions are carried out using paysafecard. Furthermore, a subsidiary of paysafecard, the Prepaid Services Company Ltd., receives an e-money licence from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This licence enables electronic money to be issued throughout Europe.

The company's successful expansion continues to advance. 2009 sees the launch of paysafecard in a further ten European countries and, with Argentina, signals the start for expansion outside Europe. A MasterCard licence, which is granted to the Prepaid Services Company Ltd., authorises paysafecard to begin issuing MasterCard. 

In addition, the product portfolio expands by a further product: The addition to the product palette is the YUNA Prepaid MasterCard®. This enables the user to pay everywhere where MasterCard is accepted. However, contrary to a classic credit card, no bank account is necessary for YUNA Card.
YUNA Card is currently available in Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and Switzerland.

The work of paysafecard is also recognised internationally: Both the Paybefore Awards for "Best Prepaid Company Outside USA" as well as the Prepaid Awards for "Leading Prepaid Organisation 2009" go to paysafecard. 

In 2010, the company sends further strong signals: Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, paysafecard is launched in the USA and Mexico, thereby becoming available in 27 countries worldwide. The product portfolio was extended with the addition of Happy Schenkcard up to and including October 2014.

In 2012, paysafecard launches in Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Canada.

In addition, the paysafecard product is awarded the Paybefore Awards for "Best Digital Currency" as well as the Paybefore Awards Europe for "Most Innovative Prepaid Solution".

In 2013 paysafecard successfully launches my paysafecard in 22 countries. my paysafecard is a payment account that allows customers to manage their purchased paysafecard PINs from the overview of single account. This provides them with an optimal overview of their current balance and past transactions. my paysafecard customers pay online by simply entering their username and password. Naturally, this doesn't require any personal bank account or credit card details to be entered.

2013 also sees paysafecard expand into Gibraltar, Australia, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

In 2013 the company was awarded a Paybefore Europe Awards in the category of "Best Consumer Value", a Paybefore Awards in the caregory of "Best virtual or digital Program" as well as a Prepaid Awards from "Club Gx France" in the category of "Le meilleur programme numérique".

Since February 2014, paysafecard is a member of the international Skrill Group.

paysafecard wins the 2014 Paybefore Awards in the category of “Top Digital Dollars” and the Paybefore Awards Europe in the category of “Consumer Champion”. In addition, paysafecard is included in The New Economy's Innovation 40. Each year, this list presents the most innovative companies and business ideas of the year and includes renowned names, such as Samsung, Ford and Nike.

Building on its existing products, paysafecard now offers a prepaid MasterCard that provides paysafecard customers with an even greater range and choice of where they can pay. The paysafecard MasterCard®, which enjoys the full functionality of a MasterCard, is topped up with paysafecard credit to offer both the advantages of a prepaid system combined with the strength of a credit card accepted worldwide.


paysafecard the product is available in 14 currencies at 450,000 sales outlets in 39 countries around the world.