White Label Solutions

paysafecard has over ten years' experience in the development of closed loop and semi-closed loop card programmes, which may be designed as credit vouchers or gift cards. These cards are produced according to customers' wishes. They are issued in a range of fixed values, which can be selected by the customer. They may not be topped-up.

In the past, these solutions were mostly implemented with partners from the online games sector. Nowadays, paysafecard also offers its know-how to companies from other industries. An example of this is the successful implementation of the Esso Card. 

Depending on the individual customer's needs, there is the possibility of implementing a closed loop or semi-closed loop solution.  

Closed loop solutions

In the case of closed loop solutions, the card is sold in a sales outlet and may be redeemed in either defined stores or webshops. Closed loop cards may also be used as a promotional gift. 

Semi-closed loop solutions

In contrast to closed loop cards, semi-closed loop cards may be used by retail chains, the shops of which are independent businesses that work together as a network.

This card type necessitates an e-money licence, which is made available from Prepaid Services Company Ltd., a subsidiary of paysafecard. 

Further information about our white label solutions is available from our sales team