The prepaid principle

"Nowadays, consumers are confronted with numerous, different payment transactions in everyday life. In the process it is important, particularly in the Internet, not to lose sight of the expenditures made. Prepaid means of payment provide a good support here since every user can set their own expenditure limit and be sure that they are not going to exceed it." 

Udo Mueller, CEO paysafecard

Online shopping

In recent years, Internet shopping has spread through all sectors of society. Benefits such as easy price comparison, home deliveries and the possibility to shop around the clock have convinced many of us.

Caution is required when one loses track of expenditure, which can easily happen if consumers choose a payment method, which involves purchases being debited from the customer’s bank account at a later date.

All expenditures at a glance

It is precisely here that the prepaid principle can help: Prepaid payment methods set a limit for the user and promote awareness of how much money is available. This is because end customers are no longer able to spend more with prepaid products than the amount that they have determined in advance. 

paysafecard offers a series of prepaid payment methods. They have been developed for different needs, but all fulfil one demand: To make simple, fast and secure payments without losing track of individual expenditure.