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How does the upgrade to my paysafecard status: "Unlimited" work?

You can increase the status of your my paysafecard account at any time with a onetime verification of your data. This can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Please make sure that your data provided during sign-up coincide with your valid photo ID (passport, ID card or driving license). You can check and, if necesary, change your data at any time in the menu item "My Data".
  2. Initiate the verification via the menu item "Limits & Status" by clicking on "Increase Status". In the first step you can decide which photo ID you want to use to identify yourself. You can choose from:
    a. Passport
    b. ID card (or Residence permit)
    C: Driving licence
    After having uploaded the copy of your ID, we require a picture upon which your face is clearly recognisable. Above all, please make sure that ...:
    • ... you do not upload the same picture that is depicted on your ID.
    • ... you do not upload an image of a photographed picture.
    • ... your entire face can be clearly seen.
    • ... you do not wear glasses or sunglasses.
    • ... you alone and nobody else can be seen on the picture.
    The identity verification is complete after a few minutes.
  3. As soon as your details have been successfully verified, we will inform you via email about your status upgrade. You have unlimited use of all my paysafecard benefits immediately afterwards.