God of War: Darum können wir es kaum noch erwarten
Games 05.07.2017

After a long wait with no new info coming through, finally more news and gameplay from the upcoming God of War game was released at this year's E3. As expected, the flames of anticipation were stoked yet again – and we can barely wait for 2018 to arrive so that we can finally thrash the gods and all kinds of mystical beings, exclusively on PS4. Kratos has visibly aged, and the game is still waiting on some new innovations – but these are unlikely to make or break our enjoyment of this game. In fact, here are some reasons to explain exactly why we can barely contain ourselves when it comes to God of War.

Because we are now battling our way through Nordic mythology

Kratos has obviously survived the uncertain end from God of War III, the direct predecessor to this story. How and why he has gone from warm Greece to snow-covered Scandinavia is information we'll only find out when we get our hands on the game. But the change in location definitely has its advantages: After all, we already turned everything in Greece to rubble with our boundless fury. Now the addition of Nordic mythology promises to deliver some thrilling battles. The trailer unfortunately doesn't give us much to go off, but we can definitely look forward to some trolls. We do, however, already know about an ally: the Midgard Serpent. She wants to help us, contrary to expectation. Whether this alliance holds strong til the end is yet to be seen – we are quietly reminded of Gaia...

Because we get to know Kratos as a loving (well, let's see...) father

Aside from the small shock of seeing an aged and gray Kratos, the first God of War trailer also had a second surprise up its sleeve: Kratos has a son, Atreus. We also happen to know a bit more about how big his role in the game will be. We still mainly control Kratos, but Atreus is also supposed to learn to defend himself. He is therefore a useful ally (which players can also actively control) in battle. Furthermore, he's clearly got a good head on his shoulders. He can read Nordic runes and can speak with all kinds of mystical creatures. In this way, Atreus occupies an important role in the game, and isn't just a companion.

We are, of course, very curious to find out more about Atreus, and to learn who his mother is – all of which we are sure to discover in the course of the game. The story has clearly received more attention than for its predecessors, and this is especially obvious in the contemplative father-son boat trips and the conversations they hold. How paternal and heartfelt Kratos' feelings really are, in the end, remains yet to be seen. Of course, we hope that there will still be enough room for Kratos' much-loved temper tantrums.

Because we can go exploring

Unlike in previous versions, the upcoming God of War allows us to wander away from the main path and indulge our urge to explore. This will be the most extensive game yet of the series, and time and again we will be able to explore the land on foot and also discover caves, in which we can choose whether or not to exterminate the occupying vermin. We can also take the row-boat out for a spin. These detours are not only fun but helpful, as they give us the opportunity to find more materials for weapon upgrades. The items available for collection are also more diverse, and include much more than just the colourful orbs.

Because, despite the changes, it is still a real God of War game

We have to come to terms with a bitter loss: that of Kratos' Blades of Chaos. That said, the new axe seems an extremely useful substitute. After all, Kratos' fighting style has not changed much. He remains quick on his feet and fitted out with all sorts of awesome special attacks. We therefore still feel that characteristic "God of War feeling" that is mainly connected to the battles. The quick time events are the only thing clearly used more sparingly, and now only occur in particularly dramatic battle scenes. To us this seems only right, as it will contribute to ensuring that the game's flow becomes even more dynamic. The more we learn about God of War, the more we look forward to continuing one of our most beloved game series, which always guarantees action, sardonic humour, dramatically staged boss fights, and is just pure fun.