Nur die Stärksten bezwingen Tekken 7
Games 01.06.2017

The classic of the fighting genre finally returns. With a variety of well-known and new characters, the seventh part of the Tekken series strives to keep pace with its new competitors, such as Injustice 2. Whether as overweight Bob or the Wrestler King with the head of a leopard, the game promises plenty of action and punches for long-time fans as well as new players. We've tested whether Tekken 7 continues to hold its own in the new generation of beat 'em up games.

Turmoil in the demonic family.

Tekken 7 comes to stores on June 2. PC and PlayStation 4 players gain insight into another chapter in the lives of the Mishima family. Heihachi’s war with his son, Kazuya, and his grandson, Jin, seems to reach new proportions, and their craving for revenge has an ever-increasing impact on the world. However, the relationship of hate within the family can only last so long. None of them wants to accept defeat, and it remains to be seen whether this battle will ever come to an end and who will finally triumph.

A motley crew of new characters

In addition to the Mishima family, players once again can choose from a colorful and varied selection of characters. Each one has its own charm and personality, so every gamer can find the right fighter for them. Some familiar faces return, such as the imitation of Bruce Lee called Law. Paul, the man with the tallest hair in the world, is also back. The grizzly bear, Kuma, is back again too. The traditions of the Tekken series continue in the latest edition. Yoshimitsu got a completely new design, the Cyborg Jack got a new body, and there are a number of new names in the game.

Those who have been playing Tekken for years will recognize some fighters immediately, but the game also offers plenty of new figures. The anime freak, Lucky Chloe, who uses freestyle dance as a martial art, the over-sized Gigas with his modified body, or the Savate fighter, Katarina Alves, are just a few examples of the interesting and hyped up characters just waiting to be played. These new arrivals are especially suitable for players who want to experiment and prove their abilities. Tekken 7 surprised us in particular with the character Akuma, the villain of the Street Fighter series, who is now also playable in this game. Despite the jump from another fighting game, the demonic warrior fits into the events perfectly. Finally you have the option to let loose a hadouken on Jin. His inclusion is also a nice tribute to the Tekken x Street Fighter game that was put on ice. Maybe there is still hope that Ryu, Balrog or another character from the famous game series could also be included in Tekken 7 in DLC.

Fist to fist

The game focuses on the classic 1v1 battles, whether in story mode, arcade mode or online, where up to eight players can compete each other in a tournament. 2v2 battles will remain an exclusive element of the spin-off series Tekken Tag Tournament. Bandai Namco is trying to simplify the principles here so the focus is on the unique play styles of the characters. This is especially clear in the number of fighters available. Tekken Tag Tournament had around 60 playable characters, while that number was reduced to 36 in the latest game. This allows the developer to focus on the intricacies of the individual fighting styles so each conflict and fighter offers something unique. Rage Mode from the previous games is back. As soon as the health bar falls below a certain minimum, the player can start the "Rage Arts" phase. This makes the fighters' blows hit harder so you can potentially turn the battle to your advantage. In addition, a new move called Power Crush was introduced. This can be used to absorb medium and high attacks, which can potentially save you from a precarious situation and let you claim victory.

A modern classic

Tekken 7 doesn't try to change the foundation of its predecessors much. The latest edition combines the best elements of the previous games, whether it's the crazy fighters, a polished fighting system that encourages individuality, or the return of Rage Mode, to provide a unique experience. In addition, it contains an exciting story that broaches the subject of the war between Kazuya, Jin and Heihachi. Despite strong competition such as Street Fighter V and Injustice 2, Tekken proves that it has earned its place as one of the best fighting games. It's no wonder that even Akuma himself couldn't resist joining in.