The 10 Best Easter Eggs in Video Games

Games 30.03.2021

Have you heard of the term video game easter egg? Surely you remember going easter egg hunting as a kid or have heard of that custom. Kids search for those eggs that are well-hidden so the hunt is more fun. Those little surprises are hidden throughout video game history as well. Let’s look at the best ones! (Spoilers!)

Zelda’s lullaby in BOTW

Fans often criticise Breath of the Wild for its lack of music, but did you know Zelda’s lullaby is actually being played in the background throughout Hyrule field?

Secret cow level in Diablo II

The best Diablo meme of all time is the secret cow level in Diablo II. Will we see its return with the remaster? We hope so!

Dog ending in SIlent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is a very serious game about the psychological journey of a man full of regrets, guilt and hope. And then there’s this Shiba Inu who’s the mastermind behind this dark horror game?! It’s just a secret ending and of course not canon, but still super fun!

Metal Gear Solid 3 The End dies

Here’s an example of the absolute genius that is Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind the Metal Gear Solid series. One of the bosses in MGS3 is called The End, an elerdly sniper. You can fight him head-on in a tense and grueling battle… or you just wait for a week and find him dead in the bush, having died of old age. Brilliant!

Big Foot in GTA V

This easter egg goes back to GTA San Andreas. The biggest internet rumour surrounding that game is Big Foot being hidden in the woods. Players spent years trying to hunt down the mythical creature, all for naught. There is no Big Foot in San Andreas, but there is definitely one in GTA V!

The Last of Us and Uncharted are connected

The Last of Us and the Uncharted series are both from the developer Naughty Dog. The studio loves connecting their games together through easter eggs. So you can find the bar Drake fights in at the start of Uncharted 3 in The Last of Us. You can even read about the mysterious new virus in a newspaper in the same bar. So, does that mean Drake turned into a zombie at some point? Please no. ;(

Altair dies in The Witcher 2

Short and funny. Look the right way and you will find a dead corpse in a haystack that looks a lot like a certain assassin from a certain video game series about assassins jumping down from tall buildings… thonking....

Giant rat in Mirror’s Edge

How about this very random surprise? If you look closely at a certain angle in a mission of the heart-pumping parkour game Mirror’s Edge… you can see a giant rat running through the city streets. Why? No idea. Is it fun? Yes!

Totaka’s song in Wii Sports

Here’s something that will blow your mind. Throughout the years Nintendo has hidden something called Totaka’s song in its games. It’s a series of notes that, when played at the correct speed, reveals the song. Now, we don’t know HOW ON EARTH gamers found this, but the song can be heard in Wii Sports Tennis if you time the swings correctly. Nintendo, never stop being crazy, pelase.

Psycho Mantis reads your Memory Card

The coolest mind trick in all of video games. This boss fight in Metal Gear Solid is a milestone and still being referenced as one of the best goosebump moments of all time. This mind-bending baddy wants to demonstrate his abilities to you by reading your mind. How does he do that? He literally reads your Memory Card and tells you what games you have played on your PlayStation. Imagine encountering this without having read about it on the internet before. *head explodes*