ESL CS:GO Pro League September: The fan vote from paysafecard

ESL CS:GO Pro League September: The fan vote from paysafecard

Our ESL Experts nominated five players for Europe and North America. In the end, it’s you who decides who ends up winning the title paysafecard Fan Player of the Month, which you can vote for here. Here are our picks for September:



NiP have rolled back the years and put up some big wins throughout the course of September. Leading the way and showing us a change of lineup has reinvigorated f0rest in the server. Fragging up a storm f0rest played a huge roll to taking down G2, DH Malmo Champions 2-0.


Sitting pretty at the top of the tables, the new look fnatic are playing some of the best CS we have seen from them in years. JW has been instrumental in surge to the #1 spot of the ESL Pro League, finding himself as the leader for numerous key stats and propelling fnatic to big wins.


Best player in Denmark? There is definitely room for debate and his performances during the ESL Pro League definitely adds to that discussion. Consistently aggressive and always the X factor for North, k0nfig continues to turn heads as well as destroy them. Week in week out this guy is a beast.


A player from NaVi in the top 5 players for the month? The team is in a rough spot right now, there is no doubt about that. However, there is one man, no matter how bad the losses get is always fragging. s1mple is a man on a mission and he is doing everything in his power to drag NaVi to victory.


The exit from FNATIC for dennis could have spelt the end. Finding himself in rocky waters sailing in the GODSENT boat this was an opportunity for dennis to go from one of many stars to the star of his team. GODSENT picked up some huge upsets towards the tail end of September and Dennis was a key factor to this success, especially on mirage. These big plays may have given GODSENT a life line for the playoffs.

North America


One of the last players to leave the old OpTic roster as it transitioned to it's full-European roster, NAF found his new home on Renegades. NAF has brought a much needed level of firepower to the team. He has one of the best K:D ratios in the league, and has the 2nd-most assists out of any player. His highlight was a scoreboard-topping 30 bomb on Cobblestone, narrowly helping Renegades take the map 16-14 over CLG. In that map, NAF had the most kills, the most damage, the most entries, and the most assists. Keith Markovic has been looking FLY!


Magisk has matured into a complete player, so it's no surprise he dropped "-b0y" from his handle. The Dane was the edge over Misfits in their 16-14 win on Overpass, dropping 31 kills and 112.2 ADR over the 30-round map. Magisk was thought to be one of the most promising players in the world last year. Could the end of 2017 see his skills mature even further on the 2nd CS:GO roster to create a pan-Europe all-star squad? September was a good indicator for him.


In the final September match week, CLG surprised with a 16-3 victory over SK Gaming on Cache. Leading the way for CLG was Kenneth "Koosta" Suen's 100+ ADR performance with the AWP. It's rare for the AWPer to pull over 100 ADR as usually AWPers take some time to build their economy; Koosta picked up an early AWP and was able to hit shot after shot. SK Gaming never had a chance to get into the game. When Koosta is on fire, he's a force to be reckoned with.


The analysts have been calling Cvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov's balletic AWP performances the "CeRq du soleil". The NA EPL newcomer has not let off on the gas this season and continues to put up impressive performances against top tier competition. Across the board, CeRq is leading the stats for AWPers: he has the most AWP kills in the league, as well as the most opening picks for the team. In the team's 16-7 win over league-leaders OpTic on Mirage, CeRq was able to drop 23 kills in 24 rounds; the 17-year old does it in style.


With a first name like "Hunter", you know SicK is going to look to bring the fight to the opponents. With 229 kills to only 152 deaths, SicK packs the best K:D in the season so far. Back-to-back 27 kill games helped Misfits trade maps against OpTic, one of the few teams in the league to take a map off of them this season. Earlier in the year, SicK and twistzz were considered two of the most promising up-and-coming players in North America. twistzz has certainly had his moment in the sun on Team Liquid, and SicK is working hard to bring Misfits to playoffs to show the world what he is capable of.