PS4 gamers are looking forward to this in the year 2018

Darauf freuen sich PS4-Spieler im Jahr 2018
Games 03.01.2018

We have relaxing hours riding our horse, epic battles with our favourite angry friend and morally difficult decisions as androids ahead of us in 2018. Anyone who thought that after the eventful year 2017 the next year for console gamers would become quieter again, was wrong: What has already been announced for the PS4 so far alone, is truly astounding. The following five games are right at the top of our wish list.

The Last of Us: Part II

The chances of it already being available in 2018 are 50/50 at best – but The Last of Us: Part II simply must not be left off of this list. Barely any other game is being as eagerly awaited. This recently became clear again at the Game Awards, where the second part of Zombie Apocalypse was also officially awarded as the most anticipated title. However, the anticipation is at least as big as the expectation: After such a good, even nearly perfected, first part, all of the innovations for the successor are being precisely followed by the gamer community: What will happen with Ellie? Will we ever get to see our favourite foster father, Joel? Who are the other characters that we have seen in the trailers? We still know hardly anything about the story - all of the news is therefore leaving lots of room for speculation. And presumably we can still postulate the wildest theories for a considerable period of time, as The Last of Us: Part II will certainly not be available before the end of 2018.



God of War

We want the imminent return of Kratos just as much – this time, with his son, Atreus, on board. The game appears to have a few differences to its predecessors, but it will undoubtedly catch up with the the "spirit" of God of War again. This time, the focus is more on the story and will also no longer be set in Greek mythology, but this time, in Nordic mythology. In addition to this, Kratos' new adventure will be significantly longer with the announced 25 to 30-minute playing time. Nevertheless, the game play insights so far promise that the battles will be just as superb as in the predecessors - even though Kratos has to make do without his chaos blades. Presumably, he will already be sharpening his axe for this in spring 2018.



Red Dead Redemption 2

It is not just fans of westerns who are looking forward to climbing into the virtual saddle soon. Red Dead Redemption was one of the most successful Open World role play games of the past years. In the meantime, it is clear that RDR2 will be a prequel. Arthur Morgan and the Van-der-Linde gangs are at the centre of the action. We are naturally hoping that we will get to see John Marson – which we actually did not expect after the sad ending of the first part. After we had to pass the time for seven years now with other western games, we will hopefully already be riding through the wild west to chilled music at the beginning of 2018.



Detroit: Become Human

In spring 2018, things will hot up - another highlight will certainly be Detroit: Become Human. We are particularly expecting Quantic Dream to provide us with an intensive story – ultimately, we have already be spoiled in that respect by Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. This time, it's about androids, who discover their human side and question their previous obedience. To us, it sounds like the stuff of many tricky decisions, some of which could even have far-reaching consequences for the entire city. The fact that some well-known actors, such as Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) will be embodying the protagonists again, is just the icing on the cake.



Death Stranding

Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus \nd Guillermo del Toro; a baby in a capsule, long cables and ominous hand prints - these are some of the ingredients of Death Stranding. Not even we know exactly how all of that fits together yet. After every trailer, we have completely new unanswered questions to deal with. But everything that we have seen so far makes us extremely curious. Where, and particularly, when, will the action be taking place? Exactly what type of game play will it be? And how long do we still need to wait for the answers to all of these questions? Because no exact release date is available yet for these games.



Which games we are also eagerly awaiting

  • Days Gone
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Spider-Man
  • Vampire
  • Super Meat Boy Forever