The Enderal Mod: Skyrim like You’ve Never Seen it

Games 22.07.2016

Almost five years have passed since the release of Skyrim. The extraordinary RPG is an ever-present in the 50 most played games on Steam, even making it to the Top Ten from time to time. This feat is mainly down to the active modding community, which constantly releases new Skyrim mods that keep the fifth edition of the Elder Scrolls series alive; from the small mods that introduce updated armor sets and new companions and quest series—even making the graphics sharper and crisper with new textures—to complete overhauls, as with the recently released Enderal Skyrim mod. This mod retains nothing from the original Skyrim except for the gameplay engine. With this post we explain what exactly the Enderal Skyrim mod is, what’s so special about it, and how to install Enderal and start playing.

What is Enderal?

The Enderal Skyrim mod isn’t a simple mod that’s able to be installed via the Steam Workshop or other management tools. In fact, it’s something completely different: A so-called total conversion mod; a modification that completely changes the game. It affects all areas of Skyrim’s gameplay, including, for example, the game world, NPCs, characters, weapons, abilities, war machines, as well as quests and the entire story. Only the technical backbone of Skyrim remains in the Enderal mod; however, even that has been expanded and modified in many places. Thanks to the higher-resolution textures, diverse graphical modifications, and subtle extras, the Enderal mod is an innately beautiful sight compared to the basis version of Skyrim.

What’s Special about the Enderal Skyrim mod?

The developers of the Skyrim mod originally intended to craft a completely new story and to create a whole new game universe. On top of novel additions, the developers also wanted to eliminate some of the game’s flaws. But above all, their goal was to revamp the game story. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim with no mod may have a passable, somewhat exciting story, but doesn't exactly shine when it comes to its plot in comparison to other RPG titans, like The Witcher. Enderal is self-described as a more psychological and dark story with believable characters. As such, it strikes the same chord as The Witcher 3 as well as the hit TV show Game of Thrones and its book version “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. The fact that the authors of Enderal are serious about the story is demonstrated by the extensive books that make up the background stories of the world of Enderal and its inhabitants. And to help immerse gamers even further in the Enderal world, all of the dialogue has been professionally set to music. Thanks to painstaking attention to detail in the Enderal Skyrim mod, RPG and fantasy fans will feel instantly at home. The game world is as colorful and diverse as that of Skyrim. As such, the Enderal world offers up lush green meadows and pastures as well as hostile deserts and magical crystal forests. Enderal can be regarded as a standalone game that offers, according to the developers, between 30 and 100 hours of play time.

What’s Needed to Play Enderal?

You need nothing more than a legal version of Skyrim to install the Enderal Skyrim mod—the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn extensions are not necessary. For installation, the Enderal Skyrim mod requires roughly 13 GB of free space and a little more hardware power than is needed for Skyrim itself. The developers explain that this is down to the more detail-rich nature of the Enderal mod. It is recommended to use at least a dual-core processor (Intel Core2Duo E7400, or similar), an NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX (or similar/more powerful), and 4 GB RAM.

How Can I Install Enderal and How Much Does it Cost?

The Enderal installation file is completely free and available to download on the official website. The steam Workshop and other modding platforms do not offer the Enderal Skyrim mod since Enderal has its own launcher, via which the game is updated. Old Skyrim scores and mods remain completely untouched because Enderal creates a backup of the game. The standard version of Skyrim is immediately playable again once the Enderal mod has been uninstalled. And thanks to the backup copies, mod scores are easily switched between Skyrim and the Enderal mod. Normal Skyrim mods are generally not compatible with Enderal, unless they have been adjusted for the conversion mod. Information about compatible mods can be found on the official Enderal forum.

Conclusion: Discover Enderal!

If you can’t get enough of Skyrim then you should definitely install Enderal—although it’s far more than a mere free Skyrim mod; under any other name, the game would be considered a successful RPG in its own right. The extensive and professional nature of this fan-built project is just as impressive as the transformation the developers have made out of this almost five-year-old game, creating a stunningly diverse world with the game engine. Enderal is a gaming masterpiece, and proves that even huge projects can be a success if there is a passionate, talented and engaged community behind it. Enderal succeeds where most other mod projects fail, namely in bringing the project to completion. Skywind—a total conversion—is supposed to bring the Elder Scrolls classic, Morrowind, into the Skyrim game engine. However, it has been in development for years and, unlike Enderal, doesn’t look like ever nearing completion. If you don’t know now which game is next up on the scene, then go ahead and install Skyrim again and discover the world of Enderal.