Games 09.09.2016

Whether it’s with your partner, best friend, or a new acquaintance on the other side of the world, co-op games offer a special gaming experience. For a long time the co-op mode enjoyed a niche existence, or was represented only by an optional mode that seemed hastily put together. Luckily there are a few treasures which are not only suited for solitary gaming sessions, but can also make for fun evenings with friends.

The Best Co-op Games

Portal 2: Two brains are better than one, which is why the puzzle game offers a two-player mode for its second edition, making it one of the best co-op games for PC and console. The co-op campaign occurs after the events of the main story. The central characters are the likable robots P-Body and Atlas, who are preparing for a mission to save humanity with the help of the puzzles the players must solve in pairs. The co-op mode is available cross-platform—whether PC or PS3, Portal 2 requires friends to put their minds together to be victorious.

Left 4 Dead 2: Left 4 Dead 2 is a shooter and a top zombie game for exciting gaming evenings with up to three friends. The players are four survivors of a zombie apocalypse, who have to defend themselves using weapons against a horde of the undead. Five chapters with five levels of difficulty and a choice of game modes provide weeks of co-op entertainment. Good team play is essential, as even the best gamer doesn’t stand a chance against big name zombies like Witch, Boomer, and Jockey.

Borderlands 2: The second title in the first-person action shooter series allows players to enjoy the game with up to three players, both via couch co-op and online co-op. Players can choose whether they all want to play in the same class, but a diverse team is recommended to defeat the antagonist Handsome Jack and the meanest monsters of Pandora. Those looking for good co-op games will be able to enjoy Borderlands 2 for a long time.

Diablo III: All RPG fans will be familiar with the classic game Diablo. The third title of the Blizzard series takes the player back into the underworld to face hordes of enemies—alone or with a friend. The co-op mode is only available online for PCs, but the console version allows you to throw yourself into the battle with your friends from the comfort of your sofa. All players are assigned an equal role, each choosing their character to guide through the game. To defeat the enemies, collaboration and strategy are necessary.

Far Cry 4: Although the “drop-in, drop-out” co-op mode of the fourth title of the first-person shooter series Far Cry does not allow for story missions, it has plenty of other interesting things to do. Together, players can conquer outposts, execute hits and activate radio towers. Both players receive the same amount of money and experience points, but progress and collectibles go to the host. To play together, gamers have to connect to Uplay before inviting others to a co-op session or joining one.

Payday 2: Large scale robberies are the focus of the second Payday title—and who wants to go solo for that. The game is heavily reliant on co-op and allows up to four players to form gangster teams, but only via an online connection. Robberies need to be well prepared, which requires team members to consult each other. Experienced teams are tested with dynamic challenges in different difficulty levels and rewarded with diverse missions.

Torchlight 2: In contrast to its predecessor, the second title of the action RPG Torchlight has a co-op mode, which can be played via LAN or the internet. A party of six players is possible in Torchlight 2, and each player has his own loot, keeps his experience points and his achievements in his single player campaigns. The fluid gameplay adapts to multiple players as the strength of the monsters increases with the number currently playing. The many different classes ensure a sometimes chaotic, light spectacle of combat skills, as slaying the hordes of monsters is always entertaining.

Orcs Must Die! 2: The second offering of the tower defense action game also includes a co-op mode. Each level can be played in teams of two, which makes the game noticeably easier. Setting traps and killing Orcs is also more fun together. Alongside the combat magician from the first title, a new female magician has been introduced, who fits seamlessly into the slightly off-kilter humor of the game. These two characters keep players entertained with funny dialogues all while slaying countless Orcs. The endless mode presents an alternative to the story mode. Owners of the first title can also play the classic mode, which allows players to play maps from it in co-op mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3: The first-person shooter series Call of Duty releases a new game every year.The series lives for its multi-player mode, which is particularly well executed in Black Ops 3. Even couch co-ops with split screens are supported, so campaigns can be played together, before facing the other modes solo. A new addition is the zombie mode, which can be played by up to four gamers at the same time. In contrast to the rest of the game, the zombie mode “Shadows of Evil” is not set in the future, but in 20th century Las Vegas. With well-planned team play, hordes of zombies must be defeated—the high difficulty level and fun factor offer high replay value. These co-op games only represent a small overview, but promise hours of fun gaming for all those who prefer not to play alone.