All fees and limits at a glance

Whether paysafecard or my paysafecard: Here is a clear summary of all the fees and limits.

paysafecard fees

Using and paying with paysafecard is essentially free. However the following fees may apply (more detailed information can be found in our T&Cs):

  • Maintenance fee: for paysafecard PINs there is a service charge of 3 EUR a month, which comes into effect 6 months after purchase. This is deducted from the balance of the paysafecard PIN.
  • Conversion fee: paysafecard charges a fee for transactions involving conversion into foreign currency. The paysafecard currency converter lets you instantly see the current exchange rate. To convert, simply enter the desired amount and select the currencies.
  • Redemption fee: a refund entails a fee of 7,50 EUR. This is deducted from the refunded amount. This fee applies to each refund.

paysafecard limits



Maximum combined PIN transaction

50 EUR

paysafecard payout limits


my paysafecard Standard

my paysafecard Unlimited

Monthly payout transaction limit

250 EUR


Annual payout transaction limit


15.000 EUR

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