my paysafecard – the account for your PINs

my paysafecard is your personal online payments account that lets you always have the overview of your paysafecard PINs. It also removes the need to enter the 16-digit PIN when paying, allowing you to simply and securely pay with your username and password instead. 

Paying with my paysafecard

  1. Sign up

    Sign up

    Now you can sign up free of charge for my paysafecard.

  2. Upload Upload

    Upload the purchased paysafecard PINs to your my paysafecard account

  3. Pay


    Pay simply and safely online by entering a username and password.

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The paysafecard status that suits you

After the free sign-up, my paysafecard is initially available to you in the "Standard" version. If you wish to pay more, and / or more frequently, just carry out the free one-time upgrade to the "Unlimited" version. Please note: The use of my paysafecard is basically free of charge, but fees may apply in a few cases.

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You still have questions about my paysafecard?

Do you have quite a specific question about my paysafecard? Or have you signed up already and have questions about how to use it? We are here for you!