Games 19.07.2017

The potential overheating of your beloved PC or console is a small concern during summer: The bigger concern is the fear of boredom which descends upon gamers with the lack of new releases. It's clear by looking at the pattern of releases throughout the year that summer is a particularly low point. Nevertheless, there is no cause for despair: there are still plenty of options for using the summer slump meaningfully.

Reduce the 'Pile of Shame'

Whether it was the last Steam Sale, a special offer in the PlayStation Store, or one of the various 3-for-2 promotions at electronics stores: We are clearly all inundated with many games we will really never have time to play. The pile of games grows faster than we can play them. Try to regain some ground during the summer slump by dedicating yourself to this 'Pile of Shame'. After all, there are likely to be many independent gems in there which wouldn't take too long to complete. Furthermore, for some games it quickly becomes clear that they were a mistaken purchase and aren't as much fun as we'd thought. So why not spend some time over the summer also reducing the number of games still left to be played?

Finally finish longer-term games

Alternatively, we can take on games like The Witcher 3 or Persona 5 during the summer: Games that we love, but which simply take so long that new games are inevitably released while we're playing them, so that we simply never get to the end. Or we could get the Sims 4 back up and running, or start a new project in Minecraft. There are also those games wherein we want to collect every single item, and eventually get all the trophies possible. Hadn't we planned to try out the co-op dungeon mode in Rise of the Tomb Raider? Or the online multi-player mode in The Last of Us? Many games which focus on single-player campaigns also offer online modes – and these are often really worth playing. Have a look through the games you already have, and you'll be sure to find something.

Get out of the house Mobile Games and Co.

The idea that gamers are night owls and cellar dwellers is just a cliché. Many gamers love the warmer months and will gladly spend that time outdoors. Nevertheless it's pretty cool that a simple option exists to combine sunbathing with gaming. Be it Candy Crush or mobile MOBA games – the selection of free games available on smartphone is so enormous that there are always options open to you. Alternatively, you can also enjoy games on 3DS, PS Vita or Switch, when you are keen to go outside.

The emergency saviour from last year: Pokémon GO

One pastime proved itself to be extremely effective at coming to the aid of the summer-gap blues last year: Pokémon GO! It is simply the perfect summer game: You're outside, you're getting light and sun, you're moving, and you're collecting tiny monsters. Even though many people get the feeling that the game isn't around anymore: It is estimated that five million people are still playing Pokémon Go daily. Many new Pokémon have been added since last year, and the combat system has been reworked. Whether you're drawn to it out of nostalgia or just to prevent oncoming boredom: It is still loads of fun to go on the hunt for Pikachu, Glumanda, Pummeluff and Co.

Emergency plan: New toy

If you don't yet own an Xbox One or a PS4, or have steered clear of the Switch, then perhaps the summer slump is the perfect time to get your hands on a new gaming toy. This gives you access to all the exclusive titles you could never get before, which will surely make the time fly.