eSports 27.01.2017

Sixteen players will compete against each other in four groups as part of the "Kinguin for Charity Hearthstone" tournament. The group phase takes place on 28-29 January 2017 as well as 4-5 February 2017. The play-offs and the finals will ultimately take place 13-14 February on stage. So if anyone out there is looking for something to do on Valentine's Day, they should seriously consider tuning in for the finale of the Hearthstone tournament. Here is the Kinguin stream.

What is Hearthstone?

Hearthstone is an online card trading game by Blizzard. This free-to-play game is available on Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. There are over 800 cards to choose from, featuring a variety of entities. In every game, two heroes play against each other, each with 30 life points. To win, each player uses their cards in an attempt to reduce the opponent's life to zero. Since Hearthstone's Beta release in 2013, the game has achieved enormous popularity. In the realm of E-Sports, Hearthstone has become one of the disciplines which can no longer be brushed aside.

Take part and win

All Hearthstone and Kinguin fans can, until 14 February 2017, take part in our competition and get their hands on some awesome prizes. Great prizes await you from G2 ESPORTS and Kinguin: A Hearthstone coaching session with top player RDU, signed G2 jerseys and Kinguin vouchers.  This way to the competition.



Day 1 – 28/01/2017: Group A

Day 2 – 29/01/2017: Group B

Day 3 – 04/02/2017: Group C

Day 4 – 05/02/2017: Group D

Day 5 – 13/02/2017: Play-offs

Day 6 – 14/02/2017: Semi Finals and Finals


The following players are taking part in the tournament:

  • Kolento: Cloud9
  • Lifecoach: G2
  • Thijs: G2
  • RDU: G2
  • Gaara: Tempo
  • Storm Pavel: Arma Team
  • Roger: Ahq E-Sports Club
  • Orange: Alliance
  • SilverName: Team Spirit
  • DrHippi:
  • Xixo: -Counterlogic - CLG 
  • Eloise: Tempo Storm
  • Ikealyou: Illuminar Honor Gaming
  • Ostkaka: Alliance
  • Lothar: G2
  • StanCifka: Misfits