Scan and check your balance

Just scan the QR code on your voucher to check your balance.

Scan and keep an overview! Done.

my paysafecard - as mobile as you are

  • Sign up faster on the smartphone.
  • Log in with a fingerprint, username and password or the 2-step login, whichever you prefer.
  • Your transactions at a glance! All you need is your smartphone.


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paysafecard direct - the preferred top-up option for mobile users

  1. Use the app to generate a barcode on the go, at any time. In the nearest sales outlet offering paysafecard direct, show the barcode on your smartphone and pay.
  2. The credit is now directly stored in your my paysafecard account!
  3. With paysafecard direct, higher nominal values are available to you.


about paysafecard direct

All the functions of the app at a glance

  • my paysafecard: open your account, upload paysafecard PINs, get an overview of your balance and transactions, change the settings while you are on the move
  • find a sales outlet - also possible with a smartwatch
  • Stay up to date We will keep you posted about special offers and competitions
  • Use paysafecard: find online shops that accept paysafecard via the app

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