Meet PerkZ

Meet PerkZ
eSports 17.08.2017

Luka "PerkZ“ Perković has been a G2 member of the League of Legends Team since 2015 and plays Mid Lane. In the interview, PerkZ tells us about the game that made him become passionate about gaming and also gives advice to future pro gamers on how to approach a professional career in eSports. Find out more about PerkZ on his Twitter and G2 page.

"I had a passion for gaming I guess when I was playing Call of Duty with friends.” 

If you weren’t a pro gamer, what else would you be, profession wise?

If I wasn’t a pro gamer, I would be in school right now studying, and I wouldn’t have, like, a profession yet because I would just be in high school. So it’s really too early to say what I want to do. I would be a student.

Do you have any certain rituals before a game? Like, eating a special meal or standing in a circle?

I don’t have rituals before a game.

What was your first video game? With which game did you realise you have a passion for gaming?

My first video game was Age of Mythology, and I had a passion for gaming I guess when I was playing Call of Duty with friends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, with friends in elementary school. Then I started playing League right after that.

What kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to become a pro gamer like you?

My advice would be don’t. It’s not worth the time, or the effort, or the risk. It’s too much money spent on PC for a very very low chance of actually becoming a pro. So I’d say just do it for a hobby and in free time, and if it happens that you get good enough then you can pursue it.

What are you playing when you’re not playing League of Legends?

I don’t play other games. I take time off and spend time with friends or talking to friends, or playing guitar or watching a TV series or reading a book or something completely outside of it.


Q: Salty or sweet? Salty. No, wait, again… Sweet.

Q: EU or NA?


Q: Solo or duo?

A: Solo

Q: Ahri or Zed?

A: Zed.

Q: Right or left?

A: Right.

Q: Energy drink or coffee?

A. Neither.

Q: Laptop or computer?

A. PC.

Shoutout to your fans?

I’d like to thank all my fans for supporting us, and me, since the start of my career. Especially in the hard times. And thank you all for just being there for us when we needed it, and now we are repaying that gratitude.