ESL CS:GO Pro League April: The fan vote from paysafecard

eSports 02.05.2017

Our ESL Experts nominated five players for Europe and North America. In the end, it’s you who decides who ends up winning the title paysafecard Fan Player of the Month. Here are our picks for April:


ropz (mousesports)

When ropz joined mousesports in mid April there was a lot of skepticizm of how he would fit into the world of professional CS:GO. He has turned heads with some amazing individual plays that have helped keep mouz in the top 6 teams late in the season and to finally qualify for the season finals in Dallas..

kennyS (G2 Esports)

G2 looked down and out in the first few weeks of the Pro League, finding themselves at the bottom of the tables in dead last. KennyS has put up some huge performances with the AWP, totaling 275 frags with the weapon, the most out of any player up until this point in the season to help keep G2’2 playoffs hopes alive.

ex6tenz (Team LDLC)

Rolling back the years ex6tenz carried his team to two massive vicotries over Natus Vincere with amazing in-game leading skills. Leading by example this performance might be enough to keep them out of relegation as we’re getting closer to the season end.

cajunb (North)

North managed to be the first team qualified for the Pro league finals and one man who was a consistent force throughout their matches is cajunb. ‘The cleaner’, as he is affectionately known, has put up some huge numbers and in a team of stars is the highest rated player - second highest rated out of all players in the league right now.

rain (FaZe Clan)

rain has out done his former team mate, ScreaM, The Headshot King leading the league in total headshots. He also rates third overall, fifth in Kill/Death difference and second in damage per round.

North America

ShahZam (Misfits)

As April comes to an end, the Misfits find themselves in playoffs contention. While a match against Immortals decide their fate at LAN, the team have had a late-season resurgence. AWPer ShahZam leads the team in stats, with a number of impressive plays with the AWP and pistols. ShahZam has more AWP kills than anyone else in the league at the moment, with many of them being entry kills that open up rounds for the team.

Koosta (Counter Logic Gaming)

The second player on the list is another AWPer: Counter Logic Gaming's Koosta looks like a completely different player this season. Taking an aggressive stance with the AWP, Koosta picks up more kills per round than almost any other player in the league. The final week's matches against OpTic and SK Gaming will decide if CLG can make it to LAN.

LUCAS1 (Immortals)

LUCAS1 may not be the player that comes to mind when you think "superstar", but Immortals’ consistent trading and team-based firepower has been overpowering opponents lately and much of the credit goes to the support-rifler LUCAS1. The Immortals have won 9 of their last 10 bouts, with LUCAS1 going positive in every single win. LUCAS1 holds the 2nd-highest ADR in the league.

Fugly (NRG Esports)

Cloud 9 and SK Gaming stand in the way of NRG making it to Dallas for the second season in a row, but NRG rifler Fugly is fighting to keep the team in the running for playoffs. Fugly has already picked up two aces in ESL Pro League S5, and leads the league in round impact. He has remained consistent even in the face of defeat, picking up 34 kills in regulation in a loss to Renegades on Cobble. Only a few wins away, Fugly and team are looking to secure their spot in Dallas during the final week of play.

Coldzera (SK Gaming)

Month after month, Coldzera proves that he is arguably the world's best player. Impactful entry frags, skill with pistols rifles and the AWP, and an extremely impactful late-round playstyle. Coldzera has gone negative in just 2 maps out of 21. While April was slow compared to the rest of Season 5 for Coldzera, he still leads the league in Rating, K Ratio and kills per round.