Top 8 legendary esports moments

News 05.05.2021

Top 8 legendary esports moments As a proud sponsor of IEM Katowice, ESL Mobile, the ESL National Championships in Poland and Germany, G2 Esports, Team NEO and the A1 Esports League we here at paysafecard truly LOVE competitive gaming. The thrill, the hype, the epic moments of pure awesomeness throughout the years make esports fascinating to watch. We recently launched together with A1 even the Hall of Fame of the A1 Esports League powered by paysafecard, to honor the champions of the last seasons of the A1 Esports League. Think you’ve got what it takes to break into esports? Let’s take a look at 8 legendary plays first!

s1mple no-scopes whilst falling

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev pulled off the meme during ESL One Cologne 2016 in CS:GO for Team Liquid. In a tense 1-vs-2 situation s1imple not only took out two enemies by himself, he also did it whilst falling down and without scoping, making the audience erupt into cheers, celebrating this epic esports moment.

Daigo’s flawless parry in Street Fighter

This may be THE esports moment of all time. Some call it “Daigo Parry”, some use its official name “EVO Moment #37”. EVO is the world’s biggest fighting game tournament that started out in 1996. Daigo “The Beast” Umehara is one of the most popular fighting game players of all time and had to fight off the young and upcoming Justin Wong. What makes this moment so special is the fact that Daigo’s parry was incredibly risky and difficult to pull off.

Fnatic’s miracle run in LoL

Worlds 2017. It’s not looking good for Fnatic. They’re 0-4 in Group Stage, rumours say there’s tension amongst the team members behind closed doors. How can a team in disarray such as this avoid making a fool of itself on one of the biggest esports stages in the world? This is where one of the biggest comebacks begins. Fnatic managed to get to 4-4 in Groups. Even if they lost their next match, that run is still one of the most hype moments in LoL esports.

The greatest Smash match of all time

The best Jigglypuff player in the world took part in the most tense and hype competitive Smash Bros. Melee match of all time. Hungrybox is a well-known (and somewhat controversial) figure in the fighting game scene and won this high-quality final at EVO 2016 with this precise combos and slow, methodical approach.

jstn with the clutch goal in Rocket League

It’s not football, it’s football with cars! Rocket League is obviously thrilling to watch as an esport and the most epic moment has got to be NRG scoring at the literal last possible moment. Just look at jstn scoring this clutch goal!

The $6 million dollar slam in DOTA 2

DOTA 2 can be very difficult to grasp for anyone who hasn’t put hundreds of hours into one of the biggest games in the world. But there’s one play, one esports moment, that even non-players may have heard of: the $6 million dollar slam. It happened during the final series of TI5 (The International 5), in a match between Evil Geniuses (EG) and CDEC. After one of EG’s players was a bit careless and died, CDEC decided to kill the NPC dragon Roshan for buffs. A sound idea, but they were outplayed by EG, who used their abilities in absolute perfect harmony and pulled off the “slam”. They ended up killing Roshan themselves, winning the match and $6 million dollars!

Fatal1ty comes back in Quake 3

Quake 3 is one of those early esports games that has since been somewhat replaced with more modern titles. That doesn’t make Fatali1ty’s comeback against FIST1 during QuakeCon 2002 any less impressive, however. There isn’t a whole lot of meta at play here, but just look at those reactions and reflexes!

South Korea stuns the USA in Overwatch

A shooter with loads of meta on the other hand is Overwatch. South Korea’s Zunba surprised the US with a creative, fast and very risky Zarya play, who’s usually a slower hero. Jumping through a small window, popping the ult and wiping off the entire enemy team makes this one of - if not the - most beloved plays in Overwatch esports history.