• With paysafecard, you pay online as you do with cash.
    • In this way, sharing sensitive data such as credit card details or bank information on the internet becomes redundant.
    • Thanks to the practical prepaid card, you never pay more than originally planned and always have an overview of your payments.
    • Buy your paysafecard prepaid code very simply in more than +650,000 sales outlets across the entire world.
    • Pay with paysafecard in thousands of online shops.
  • paysafecard direct is a function in our paysafecard app. You use it to top up the credit in your paysafecard account at your nearest sales outlet at lightning speed:

    • Generate a barcode using the paysafecard app. In doing this, you can choose between several values.
    • Show the barcode in the app at the till and pay on the spot – voilà, your money appears instantly in your paysafecard account. You no longer need to enter a code.
    • Keep an overview of your finances always available on your smartphone, wherever you are.
    • Find sales outlets very close to you when you are out and about.
    • Top up the credit in your paysafecard account in a sales outlet in seconds with the paysafecard direct function – no need to type in codes any more.
    • Scan the QR code in the payment window of one of our partners' online shops with the scan2pay function and pay very simply in online shops that accept paysafecard as a payment method.
  • There are more than +650,000 sales outlets across the entire world, including many large supermarket chains, post offices, kiosks, etc.

  • paysafecard is accepted in thousands of online shops and online providers across the entire world, from games to sporting bets to poker, all the way to music, films and entertainment.