ESL CS:GO Pro League March: The fan vote from paysafecard

eSports 04/07/2017



Draken (Ninjas in Pyjamas)

The Ninjas are renowned for a consistent 4-player core, an unchanging team with more than 1,000 competitive maps together. Draken tops our list this month for giving a new lease of life to the Swedish team: upon joining, NiP won six consecutive maps against Kinguin, fnatic, and LDLC, completely turning around their 0-6 start to the season.

Guardian (Natus Vincere)

Ladislav Kovacs is known for blowing our minds in ESL Pro League. The Slovakian AWPer put a stop to NiP's honeymoon period with an impressive AWP performance, and also shot down the 1st-place Danes on North with a team-leading performahahahace this month. After an unfortunate injury-driven slump in 2016, GuardiaN is looking revitalized in the new year.

Denis (mousesports)

mousesports' Denis Howell (not to be confused with the fnatic's Dennis) sneaks into the list with team-leading performances against North and LDLC. Many thought Mousesports would slip in the rankings after star player NiKo departed for FaZe Clan, however Denis and teammates are fighting to keep the German organization in the Top 6 and in contention for the playoffs in Dallas.

Dupreeh (Astralis)

March saw a number of close map wins for Astralis as they fight their fellow Danes on North for 1st place. While Dupreeh struggled at times in the matches against North, Dupreeh ran clean-up duty against Heroic and Kinguin and helped the team secure a 2nd place spot.

Styko (HellReiasers)

HellRaisers in 5th place?! Martin Styk led the team's stats in crucial map victories over Na'Vi and The up-and-coming 21 year old was also consistent in matches against G2 Esports and North. If Martin and team can keep it up, HellRaisers are looking at a Top 6 spot and a ticket to the LAN finals in Dallas.

North America

Coldzera (SK Gaming)

Marcelo David still leads the North American division in stats, despite SK Gaming being handed their first too losses in Week 6. Throughout EPL, Coldzera has proven why he is the world's most consistent player.

JKS (Renegades)

Renegades are a team who could easily look lost, with multiple roster changes hitting the team mid-season. JKS is seemingly single handledly keeping Renegades in contention for playoffs, including a win against SK Gaming on Train.

RUSH (OpTic Gaming)

OpTic Gaming's loss of in-game leader stanislaw required RUSH to step up, and Will Wierzba was up to the task. Far and away leading OpTic's stats post-Stanislaw, RUSH is helping OpTic hold on to their Top 6 spot.

Mixwell (OpTic Gaming)

The AWPer for OpTic has been showing that he's one of the best in Pro League. While not always the most consistent, Mixwell deserves a spot on this list for his terrific match against SK Gaming on Train.

Shroud (Cloud9)

What a month it's been for Mike "Shroud" Grzesiek. The player has been turning heads with unorthodox plays on the AUG & SG, including a 30-bomb in regulation against OpTic Gaming.