ESL CS:GO Pro League: The fan vote from paysafecard

eSports 03/15/2017


ScreaM (Team Envy)

Finding himself on the wrong side of the French shuffle, ScreaM teamed up with the other outcasts. With something to prove he went on to absolutely man handle their French rivals and the so-called “dream team” of G2 putting up huge numbers and pulling off unreal clutches. These performances were replicated against their other opponents in HellRaisers and FaZe seeing ScreaM top the leaderboard in five major stat categories.

NiKo (FaZe)

As usual, NiKo put up huge numbers in the first two weeks of the ESL Pro League. We saw just how proficient his AK47 handling can be, posting up 44 frags with the weapon while his next closet weapon was 12 with the silenced m4. His performances have given mousesports a massive leg up and the top spot in the league, only to see him leave a week later and migrate to FaZe Clan.

SZPERO (Team Kinguin)

Team Kinguin came into this season as one of the whipping boys of the league. With a difficult run to kick off the season SZPERO put up solid numbers throughout Kinguins early upset victories helping the team put up two wins against FaZe and one against domestic rivals Virtus.Pro.

Oskar (mousesports)

With NiKo by his side mousesports looked to have solidified a formidable duo. Oskar found himself in the top five of six different major stat categories including total awp kills, awp kills per round and success in opening duels. Getting an immense amount of work done with the AWP, Oskar managed to have a positive rating in all of mousesports six matches despite NiKo leaving the team after the first week.

device (Astralis)

Without a doubt one of the most consistent players in the scene right now, device continued his strong performances in the first two weeks of the Pro League even though Astralis lost maps to both NaVi and mousesports.

North America

Autimatic (Cloud9)

Autimatic has revitalized Cloud 9 ever since joining in August. The ESL Pro League Season 4 Playoffs MVP is back at it again in the regular season, averaging a season-leading 105.3 ADR across eight maps. In addition to in-game fragging, Autimatic has shown prowess as a hungry player with in-game leadership abilities. While many criticisms can be made about NA players lacking a drive to win, Timothy Ta is a superstar fighting to make Cloud 9 a top international contender.

yeL (Luminosity Gaming)

Is there no end to the depth of Brazil's immense talent pool? Luminosity Gaming's AWPer yeL could be yet another star player to make waves on the international scene. Across just six maps so far in the season, yeL leads the ESL Pro League's NA division in clutches, including an impressive 3-0 record in 1v1s against Renegades on Dust2. yeL is second in the league for AWP kills, averaging nearly 15 kills per game. Keep your eyes on this 22-year old AWPer in his debut ESL Pro League performance.

fnx (Immortals)

The Pheonix Rises: fnx's removal from the SK Gaming roster will hardly be remembered as an embarrassment on the resume of one of Brazil's Counter-Strike players. Since the roster move fnx has been performing well in the rejuvenated Immortals lineup, and this season there's a chance that the apprentice will overtake the master. With fnx's insane 1v5 deagle ace against Cloud 9, the roster no longer look like the 2nd-string Brazilian squad. Looks like fnx was exactly what the doctor ordered.

EliGE (Team Liquid)

Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski is one of the world's most-overlooked superstar players. At age 19, the player has already had performances that would make veteran CS players envious. While the Team Liquid roster's sensational run to the finals of ESL One Cologne 2016 (an NA team's first-ever Major finals) was prescribed by many to be the sole work of another young superstar, EliGE has quietly been putting in the work to carry his squad to victory in Pro League and prove that July of 2016 was no fluke. Now led by one of North America's finest in-game leaders, expect EliGE's full potential to be unlocked. Could the season finals in Dallas be his first-ever LAN title?

ShahZaM (Misfits)

The days of "Exiting B, Exiting B!" ShahZaM are seemingly over. The ex-TSM roster now under Misfits qualified through the Mountain Dew League and instantly found their home in the top half of the league. ShahZam has quietly proven himself as the team's most consistent fragger, leading the entire Pro League in kill participation per round. On a roster full of up-and-coming talent (such as SicK, Twistzzz, and Relyks), Counter-Strike veterans seangares and ShahZam have been providing some structure to the team. While Sean deserves a mention for his renowned in-game leadership, ShahZam leads the team in kills -- while also having the team's fewest deaths. Impressive.