The paysafecard social media world

General | 09/16/2016

Any time, any place: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are omnipresent and extremely important. They serve not only as a source of information, entertainment and conversation, but also to facilitate exchanges between companies and customers. We are proud to offer our customers and partners the ability to network and exchange ideas with both us as a company, and with our approximately 1.3 million followers. Each social media platform has its own nuances, as the following overview explains:

  1. Our Gaming World on Facebook
    With about 1.7 billion users (as of July 2016), Facebook remains the largest social network in the world - and paysafecard is part of that. Our Facebook page offers users the opportunity to be part of a gaming community with over 1.2 million fans (as of August 2016). As well as gaming content, the page regularly updates the community about events, competitions, and new paysafecard partners, such as online shops and retail outlets. In the foreground always exists the free exchange of user views on various topics. Furthermore, the customer care team regularly contacts users using private messages, to answer any questions on the subject of paysafecard itself. We are of course always excited about our new, and existing, Facebook fans. Click here to visit our Facebook page.

  2. #paysafecardmoments on Instagram
    Our Instagram account revolves around #paysafecardmoments. Followers gain an insight into the company from the perspective of an "insider". As well as photos from inside the paysafecard office, we also provide further content about the 'everyday life' of paysafecard, published with an attitude of playfulness. Naturally, we also offer behind-the-scenes insights at gaming events. The colourful world of paysafecard is at your fingertips.

  3. Mix on Twitter
    The paysafecard Twitter Account is aimed as much at customers as it is journalists and business partners. Published tweets therefore range from company- and industry news to fun facts and witty insights directly from the paysafecard offices. Since 2015, paysafecard has also been active in the realm of eSports. After a successful first year as a partner of ESL, we have begun sponsoring clubs on the eSports scene. Accordingly, we have also thrown relevant eSports content into the mix of Twitter content. Click here to follow us on Twitter.

  4. Videos on our YouTube Channel
    Individual paysafecard products are explained in informative videos on our YouTube channel. Furthermore, we offer short YouTube videos from various events of which paysafecard has been a sponsor. Click here to visit our YouTube channel.

  5. Geeky Google+
    Could it be a little geeky? Google+ is where paysafecard publishes IT insights along with nerdy and geeky content. Of course we also publish all the latest news about our exciting promotions and gaming highlights on Google+. Click here to check it out.

We look forward to welcoming all our new fans and followers to our social media channels. Open communication with the community is very important to us!