This is for the players: top 5 PS4 Games 2017
Games 12/20/2017

2017 was a strong year for the PlayStation 4. We were barely able to keep up with the gambling with all of the fantastic games. The year started with top-class and long-awated titles, after the obligatory summer break it continued in the same way. Here are our top 5 PS4 games of the year 2017.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Get under cover quickly, before the dangerous sawtooth finds us. In the background, a huge longneck roams through the landscape – but we don't need to worry about this peace-loving machine that is the size of a brachiosaurus. When we explore the Holyland with Aloy, there is something to marvel at on every corner – whether they are magnificent view of the mountains and valleys or encounters with diverse inhabitants of this post-apocalyptic stone age. Horizon: Zero Dawn was eagerly anticipated by the players and did not disappoint. The exciting story, the extremely likeable protagonist and graphics that make the eyes start to shine, make Horizon: Zero Dawn one of the best games of 2017.

Persona 5

Also showered with praise this year was Persona 5. The latest JRPG from Atlus has not only been a hit in its home country Japan, but also around the world. Even gamers who aren't very fond of this genre have become entranced by Persona 5. The story, which switches back and forth between everyday high school life and fighting crime in a parallel world, is simply captivating. The attention to detail, with which the entire game is designed - right up to the break menu - is also astonishing. The length of play of a minimum of 80 hours - easily 120 hours if playing slower - is quite remarkable. But anyone who has plenty of patience will be rewarded with a large amount of content.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Little quips, profound discussions or a fully-blown dispute: The dialogues between Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross in Uncharted: Lost Legacy give character to both of the protagonists. The realistically designed main heroins contribute a major part to the gaming enjoyment – although Lost Legacy is already thrilling with its graphics, story and gameplay alone. The offshoot of the successful Uncharted series does entirely without the adventurer, Nathan Drake. And in truth: We didn't miss him. The two ladies perform their job excellently and can easily be in the same ranks as Lara Croft as successful treasure hunters.

NieR: Automata

Who doesn't become tearful when charming androids show their feelings, although they are strictly banned from doing so? NieR: Automata is a successful overall package comprised of an in-depth story, fun gameplay and a fantastic soundtrack – and nevertheless a game that many gamers have never heard of. The many different endings and a story that develops further, even after the fifth time playing it, ensure pure long-term motivation.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Calm water. Mysteriously quiet. Our provisional rowing boat, gliding slowly. And a babble of voices in the background that simply doesn't stop. This is how Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice starts and already gives a very good impression of the mood of the entire game in the first few minutes. Barely any other game has succeeded so far in creating such an intensive atmosphere as Hellblade. The indie game in the guise of a AAA title was our highlight in 2017 and shows impressively that even difficult themes (the heroin, Senua, suffers from serious psychoses) have earned their place in games and that an exciting story campaign absolutely compensates a short play duration.