paysafecard - Official partner of Team NEO

paysafecard and Team "NEO – Nomen est Omen" have been in partnership in the FIFA 20/21 season since October 2020.

Team NEO. This strong FIFA esports team consists of Gorilla, DullenMike, XLennYYY and Julius, and with the support of paysafecard as sponsor, nothing stands in their way to the trophy!

Play it safe with paysafecard and Team NEO!

We are delighted to be the main sponsor of the team around world champion Spencer "Gorilla" Ealing! The youngest FIFA major champion  Dylan "DullenMIKE" Neuhausen, the talented Lenard "xLennyyy" Peters and the hugely popular FIFA content creator Julius "JuliusFGU" Faulhaber.

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