Distributor Service Center (DSC)

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The DSC is the service portal for all paysafecard sales partners who sell paysafecard in their network of sales outlets. With DSC, you can manage all relevant operational tasks simply and securely online around the clock.

Your benefits:

  • Available around the clock
  • All queries are processed in real time
  • The latest security standards

What services are available?

  • User Management
  • Search for paysafecard serial numbers
  • Display remaining stock
  • Check and configure POD terminal limits
  • Download POD reconciliation files
  • Warning system for POD terminal limits
  • Cancel serial numbers
  • Display financial status (invoices and credit slips)
  • Search for POD orders
  • Place batch orders (for batch distributors)
  • Online activation of batch orders (for batch distributors)

Need access to the DSC?

Please contact your paysafecard account manager or send an email.

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