paysafecard Merchant Service Center (MSC)

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The Merchant Service Center (MSC) is the service portal for the online business partners of paysafecard;
it is available around the clock. Merchants can complete their onboarding here, administer their settings and user profile, create the most varied reports of their transactions and much more.

Your benefits:

  • Available around the clock: You can use the MSC at any time of day. 7 days a week. In this way, you are completely independent of working hours, holidays or weekends.
  • Real time status: there is no waiting time in the MSC. All queries are dealt with in real time.
  • The very highest security standards: The MSC uses only the latest security requirements, such as two-factor authentication.

What services are available?

  • Support for new merchants during integration of paysafecard in your online shops
  • Creation and administration of user profiles
  • Various reporting services for the new Merchant Reporting Tool (MRT)
  • Checking individual transactions and their status in the MRT
  • Administration of IP addresses and access data
  • The most varied testing possibilities
  • And much more.

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