500,000 sales outlets for paysafecard around the world!

Every payment method is only as good as its availability – both for cash and for digital payment solutions. All customers expect the method of their choice to always be available to them just about everywhere. A broad network of points of service is the surest way toward general acceptance. No wonder cities and shopping streets make a solid supply of ATMs a high priority, as this ensures availability and sales.

paysafecard recognised these fundamental circumstances from day one and is therefore working hard in all markets to be able to provide its customers with as many sales outlets as possible. New markets are not entered until a satisfactory supply can be ensured from the start. This in particular is why the announcement of new distribution network successes is a very crucial milestone.

In fact, paysafecard recently passed a very special milestone, with its global network now consisting of over half a million physical sales outlets. These 500,000 outlets where purchasing paysafecard PINs is fast, easy and free include patrol stations, newsstands and supermarket branches. Millions of PINs are sold and substantial balances processed day in and day out at these outlets from New Zealand to Portugal, from Estonia to Peru. Every single sales outlet and its employees are part of the worldwide paysafecard family to a certain extent – they know the product, know its strengths and give customers advice to help them make a decision on what to buy. In addition to these physical sales outlets, paysafecard has distribution via vending machines and text messages as well as the paysafecard online shop.

The summer of 2015 gave the paysafecard distribution network a large boost in growth with a couple substantial new additions:

  • Lottomatica became a partner in Italy, immediately adding over 23,000 sales outlets throughout the country where paysafecard can now be purchased in addition to the existing POS. The rest of the Lottomatica outlets are set to follow suit in September. Overall, this is an enormous boost for one of the most important paysafecard markets in Europe!
  • In Sweden and Norway, patrol station and convenience store chain Statoil is now a paysafecard distribution partner, raising the availability of this payment method in the Scandinavian markets.
  • Fakta is a new distributor in Denmark.
  • paysafecard’s availability in Croatia was given a boost by new partner INA petrol stations. • In Poland, a partnership called eServices was started, which is a key wholesaler also active in other CEE countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.
  • paysafecard established a partnership with Redpagos in Uruguay, enabling the volumes previously purchased via Ukash to be practically seamlessly switched over to paysafecard; in addition, PINs are available in Uruguay not only in the local currency (the peso), but also in US dollars.

A new partnership with Swisscom is bolstering digital availability in Switzerland. This partner enables its 4.5 million customers to purchase paysafecard online in its Swiss online channel. In addition to physical outlets, such digital channels are also key fixtures of the global distribution network.