All Paysafe Group websites are safe from DROWN

Behind the acronym DROWN is a security hole which potentially affects around a third of all HTTPS websites. Immediately after the threat was announced on 1 March 2016, the paysafecard security team inspected the company’s own website, as well as those of the other group companies. The result is unequivocal – none of our websites demonstrate even the slightest security risk to it.

CIO Roland Schaar upon completing the comprehensive inspection: “I’m pleased to be able to announce that Paysafe Group is not affected by DROWN SSL. Paysafe is secure. We continually invest in our security infrastructure, in the relevant processes and the expertise of our employees. This allows us to provide the very best possible security protection against the growing threat of cyber crime.”

As a merchant, you have the guarantee of working with a partner positioned at the peak of development in this aspect, and who acts immediately and decisively at the slightest sign of possible risk.

For more information about Drown go to: www.drownattack.com