Benefit from the online month of Ramadan

Many Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are very active online during the fasting month of Ramadan. paysafecard has therefore drastically increased awareness of its payment model through various marketing strategies. Learn how you as a merchant can benefit from this until 24 June.

Ramadan begins this year on 27 May and lasts until 24 June throughout the Arab world. In this period, many Muslims fast during the day and only rarely leave the house. This is also true of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, where paysafecard already maintains a long-existing and large distribution network and, as a result, more money is spent online during Ramadan than usual. According to a study conducted by Trade Arabia, one example is that of the e-commerce market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which in 2012 already showed a 40 per cent increase during the "holy month".

This enormous spending growth has, since then, even been given its own name: The "Ramadan Effect" or "Ramadan Rush" results in profits migrating from offline to online. Merchants who want to take advantage of this trend can this year benefit from further increased awareness of paysafecard. In particular, a lot of marketing and advertising is currently being purchased in the core paysafecard markets of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in order to make paysafecard better-known. This is because only an approximate 10 % of people in these countries own a credit card.

paysafecard is currently using its network of over 3,000 points of sale in Kuwait, mainly located in large shopping centres, to execute an ad campaign. In February, fifty of the extremely popular Kuwaiti self-service terminals of distribution partner "eNet" were branded with the paysafecard corporate design as part of one of the first stages of the campaign. Additionally, trained sales staff in paysafecard shirts were brought in to inform customers about the benefits of cash for the internet.

These activities were accompanied by a huge radio campaign on Radio 88.8 Kuwait, the most important radio station in the country. As well as 30-second audio spots, there was also a 5-minute information item about paysafecard, along with a competition in which all participants went into the draw to win an iPhone 7. For Martin Waldenstroem, paysafecard Country Manager, that was just the beginning: "After we increase brand awareness with the first stage, our marketing strategy will involve bringing into focus the various merchant partners where paysafecard can be used for payment."

paysafecard is planning these new marketing and advertising measures for the weeks before the start of Ramadan. That will also be the best time to go live with paysafecard in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.