New maximum payment amount per transaction: 250 euros – my paysafecard is not affected

paysafecard offers the online payment account my paysafecard in many countries. The benefits extend from the optimum overview of all balances and payments up to the loyalty program my PLUS, which is unique in the payment industry.

A further benefit is the higher limits when combining several PINs for a payment. As a result of changed compliance regulations – and at the same time, in the interest of our merchants – paysafecard has changed this limit on 9 May 2016 to EUR 250 (or the equivalent currency outside the euro zone - for details please refer to the table below). However, this does not apply to my paysafecard where higher limits continue to apply unchanged. Also payment with individual PINs are generally not subject to this upper limit.

If customers outside of my paysafecard attempt to combine PINs to exceed the upper limit, they will receive the following message on the payment panel: "Payment with paysafecard above the limit of (amount in corresponding country currency) is not possible with the entered PINs. Make use of the benefits of higher limits with a my paysafecard account. If you do not have such an account, you can sign up now for free."
Naturally, the balance of all of your PINs will remain unchanged. If you as a merchant are asked about this by your customers, please refer them to our website www.paysafecard.com and suggest that they sign up for my paysafecard for free.

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