Paysafe, the “Point of Every Payment”

Working together to draw on the greatest uses of digital developments for consumers and companies – it is this issue that binds the companies of Paysafe Group on a highly general level. The group previously operated highly successfully under the name Optimal Payments until autumn 2015. Then the purchase of Skrill, and its subsidiary paysafecard, opened a window of opportunity to combine the group’s new direction with a new market presence. The new brand identity now extends far beyond the name and new logo, whose sparks represent the point of collection for all kinds of payments. For Paysafe now demonstrates itself as a driving force on the global market of payment completions, underscoring this with the ticker symbol PAYS and its public listing on the London Stock Exchange.

On 21 March 2016 Paysafe shares will be included in the Index FTSE 250, which consists of listed companies ranked 101 to 350 according to market capitalisation. This evaluation multiplies the number of shares in circulation by the share price, which results in paysafecard having a value of around 2 billion pounds. For the group, this is a special distinction and a powerful sign of credibility, stability and significance in London’s financial centre and beyond. For you as a merchant, this gives you the security of having a robust and long-term dependable partner.

All the group companies are about solutions, the multifaceted needs of consumers, but also about covering merchants. Against this background, the current constellation of the five group companies is completely consistent.

  • What does Skrill offer?
    Skrill is a Digital Wallet and prepaid payment solutions provider with the optimal solutions for a wide range of application areas, such as online shopping and gaming, but also money transfers and betting. A particular benefit provided by Skrill is the bundling of all online payments by the consumer in a single digital account.
  • What is the area of expertise offered by NETELLER?
    NETELLER facilitates online payments without a debit or credit card, while also offering particular expertise in international instant bank transfers. Transfer completion requires only the balance and the e-mail address of the recipient. NETELLER also provides business solutions for companies wishing to offer their customers a wealth of payment options.
  • How does paysafecard distinguish itself?
    paysafecard delivers “cash for the Internet”, facilitating simple, safe and convenient payments without the need to enter information such as bank account or credit card details or personal information. Users can buy the free payment method at more than 500,000 sales outlets in 43 countries.
  • What does payolution stand for?
    payolution develops payment solutions for “purchasing on account”, paying in instalments and for monthly invoicing. These services are available as White Label products for different providers. For merchants, payolution handles the complete process and assumes the risk of default.
  • What does FANS do?
    Communities have become new markets in recent years: people connected by common interests or excited with each other for the same thing as fans. For companies, the analysis of such behaviour is important for customising information and products to them. FANS helps companies bond their followers as customers, and develops solutions to turn this bond into economic success.

In total, you as a merchant benefit from the solutions of Paysafe Group in more than 200 countries and territories around the world – as well as from the strong growth in global transaction volumes. Each year the group records a cumulative figure of over 200 million transactions. All the group members are developing solutions for you, to simplify the acceptance of credit and debit cards, as well as all other forms of payment. At the same time, this allows you to increase your appeal to additional customer groups and thereby grow your sales. The products of the group subsidiaries open up a wide range of options for completing payments quickly, securely and conveniently.

Some other questions about Paysafe Group are obvious – and the answers are easy to give:

  • Is Paysafe a Payment Service Provider?
    Yes, and the company has always been a pioneer in this role, such as in Great Britain, Canada and the USA. The work of Paysafe has significantly contributed to driving forward the acceptance of payments on the Internet, and thereby online shopping in general, since the end of the nineties.
  • How proven are the solutions from Paysafe?
    Paysafe was founded in 1996 and has been helping shape the Internet over the 20 years in which it has become a global platform for all sections of society and customer groups. The individual group companies also draw on many years of experience in their work – with paysafecard having been founded in 2000.
  • What connects the group companies? What is the common denominator?
    Paysafe brings the companies and their customers together from the aspect of payments. Customers want simple and secure payments which meet their individual needs; merchants primarily expect security, concrete minimum risk, and solutions which are convenient for their customers. The services of the group companies meet at the intersections of these interests.
  • Will paysafecard be renamed Paysafe?
    No, the group will continue to be called Paysafe and the company paysafecard will remain paysafecard.