paysafecard in recent months – this is what success looks like!

These recent months for paysafecard have undoubtedly been among the most exciting in the company’s history – and simultaneously its most successful. There has been a highlight to celebrate almost every week:

  • The takeover of Ukash: representing both a growth spurt and its definitive establishment in the UK. You benefit from this greater reach as a merchant because new paysafecard users are made aware of your products too.
  • Changes in the group and a new name: With the closing of the takeover (in August) of the parent company at that time, Skrill, by Optimal Payments, the newly formed group was renamed Paysafe in November. As a result, paysafecard is a part of Paysafe Group plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol PAYS. This underscores the size and significance of the group and gives you, as a merchant, the security of working with a long-term, robust partner with a global reach.
  • New markets: paysafecard is now also present in New Zealand, Georgia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia (key phrase: promising MENA region). Important for you as a merchant: Activate yourself for the new markets or contact your account manager should you have any questions about this!
  • POS record: The number of distribution points for the brand has exceeded 500,000 worldwide. Latest new brands selling paysafecard f.e. Bank of Georgia at 2.500 vending machines, Siwa and Valintatalo in Finland or Eurocom and Future Global in Kuwait.
  • eSports sponsorship: Our sponsorship of eSports league ESL will continue. This is important to us as it optimally places us in the global gaming community, enabling us to directly reach target groups of great interest to our merchants!
  • South America: In Uruguay and Peru, PINS can now be purchased in US dollars alongside the local national currencies. As a local merchant with a bank account denominated in US dollars, you can request USD MID from your account manager! This removes the uncertainty of exchange rates and fees – and increases your conversion rate and sales!

The tangible results of these successes and developments are the key figures, which make the success of paysafecard concrete. In 2015 alone, around 97 million transactions were completed with paysafecard worldwide. This means that 184 paysafecard transactions take place around the world each minute. The total transaction volume grew by around 17% in 2015 on the previous year. Each month more than 2 million people use paysafecard. Underpinning these figures is distribution in 43 countries at present.