paysafecard stands for growth

Cash for the internet now exists already in 43 countries. In FY2016, more than 100 million prepaid transactions were done through a steadily growing number of new paysafecard customers. That's more than 190 transactions per minute!

This growth of transactions with new customers will also benefit paysafecard partners, promises paysafecard CEO Udo Müller: "With the tailwind of 2016 behind us, we can do even more to build up our distribution network, tap into markets outside of Europe, and win them over with innovative products in 2017."

Some further highlights from 2016 which demonstrate this concretely:

paysafecard impresses in new markets

paysafecard continues to see strong growth in new markets such as Latin America (LATAM), as well as countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Peru have shown great potential. These regions have a reasonably strong affinity to cash, with many people not possessing a bank account and even fewer having a credit card. These are ideal conditions for a prepaid solution such as paysafecard.

paysafecard expands its partner network

The growth in transactions is reflected also in the growth of the POS network. More than 500,000 partners around the world now sell paysafecard vouchers, offer "scan2pay", or help to simplify the uploading process via the new service "paysafecard direct". The level of market penetration for paysafecard sales outlets can be seen, as an example, in Warsaw, Poland. There, paysafecard vouchers are even available from the ticket machines on buses.

paysafecard introduces new products and technologies

In 2016, paysafecard integrated new Know-Your-Customer (KYC) technologies, so as to make the registration process for products such as "my paysafecard" even easier, faster, and safer. paysafecard has thereby equipped its partners with the tools needed for the upcoming regulatory changes in Europe.

paysafecard is part of a strong group

paysafecard belongs to Paysafe Group plc, which offers worldwide digital payment solutions as well as the technical solutions necessary for their transaction. Aside from the prepaid division, the Group also has every other payment solution as part of its portfolio - be it credit card payments or digital wallets. By using this holistic approach, Paysafe Group plc offers the best solutions for every possible payment scenario. So no matter how a customer wants to pay: It should always be fast, secure, and simple.