Scan2pay — all innovation serves the customer

It was once the slogan of an airline. That airline no longer exists, but the slogan remains: “Service is our success”. It is with good reason that paysafecard may also assume the mantle of this slogan, for it is the services it provides that are central to the daily work and development of the company. At the same time, it is essential that both services and innovations are concretely measured in terms of use.

The ideal example of the use of one such innovation is scan2pay from paysafecard. Customers open the paysafecard app and select scan2pay when making a payment. They scan the QR code displayed during the payment process with their mobile device. They are then shown all the essential details of the transaction before confirming payment with their security code or fingerprint. This makes paying even faster, more flexible and more mobile, which represents a genuine advantage for paying in online games and for online entertainment in particular. After all, customers are not interested in the payment process itself, but in the (material or digital) goods they wish to purchase. They simply expect a frictionless and secure transaction which they don’t have to think about, such as that which they enjoy with scan2pay, which paysafecard now offers in 25 countries.

Mobile shopping and paying also represents a highly promising market. 31% of global web traffic is already via mobile devices (source: statista.de) and 2 billion smartphone users worldwide are estimated for 2016 (source: emarketer.com). What does the use of mobile devices for shopping mean in concrete terms? They are most frequently used (68%) to find physical shops — meaning that they serve as media disruption. Searches result in product information and price comparisons, which are tasks that can actually be completed offline. Actual purchases or bookings made by mobile internet are already a reality for a third of users. However, the most widespread uses of smartphones named above can be considered as first approaches to actual online shopping, familiarising users with the process and lowering inhibition levels over the medium term. The most popular purchases made by women on their mobile devices are clothing, including shoes (47.4%), followed by books (40%) and electronic devices (25.6%). The hit list of male purchase items is led by electronics (almost 39%), followed by clothing/shoes (31.8%) and games (21.2%). (Source: Bank of America).

Against this background, paysafecard restlessly drives service and innovation forward. These include the paysafecard app: Once swiftly installed, it shows users the way to the nearest sales outlet wherever they may currently be. It also keeps them up to date on all paysafecard promotions and campaigns which may interest them (presenting an interesting service for merchants to directly reach the paysafecard community). The app also provides access to my paysafecard: a personal online payments account providing users an even easier way to manage their PIN balance.

The paysafecard app has also recently been completely redesigned along with the company’s other online presences for even greater intuitive usability and an even more appealing payment experience.

If you have any questions about our latest products, please contact your account manager or simply send an e-mail to B2Bmarketing@paysafecard.com.