Store Locator: A shortcut to partners

For anyone who wants to buy or recharge their paysafecard with one of our distribution partners, directions are always easily within reach. Because performing a search with the paysafecard smartphone app is not only efficient, but also an interactive experience.

There have been programmes available to help find sales outlets for a long time. What's new is that paysafecard is now using technological solutions to turn a chore into an interactive, game-like application.

This is the idea behind the augmented reality function as part of the store locator in the paysafecard app for Android and iOS. Using this feature, you can do more than just find the nearest paysafecard sales outlet and display it on Google Maps with its exact address. Users who allow the paysafecard app access to their camera and location services can also link the digital world and the real world via their smartphone.

They can then activate 3D view, with their screen displaying more than just their actual surroundings as transmitted by their smartphone lens. In addition, superimposed on the images displayed from their camera will be information about the distances to the nearest paysafecard stores superimposed. It will therefore be possible to turn around 360 degrees with the smartphone in hand, and intuitively decide which point of sale is closest. Then all they need to do is walk in the right direction.

Last year we also added the new option of displaying the logos of participating distributors as part of the store locator view. In this way, paysafecard users can also intuitively decide via visual markers, which paysafecard partners they prefer. The availability of "paysafecard direct" is now also displayed with its own branded design.

As well as the augmented reality function, the app has also integrated many more innovative features. These include its handy top-up feature with QR codes, as well as mobile access to my paysafecard. Furthermore, those using the paysafecard app are always well-informed about the latest news, promotions, competitions, and much more.