The all-round new online world of paysafecard

A well-conceived visual presence in digital media can significantly simplify processes such as payments. A clear layout and optimal user-guidance are as equally important as a fresh, dynamic appearance that fits in seamlessly into a company’s overall visual presence. Monthly visitor numbers to paysafecard’s website have grown from 1 million to 2.5 million (Q2/2015) within only two years.

The website launch at the end of October saw the goal met: Now the website, my paysafecard interface and the payment panel boast a fresh look and optimised user-guidance.

At the same time, there are also new services for end customers which were realised as part of the relaunch. These include displaying the PIN balance in the payment panel as soon as a PIN is entered. The payment panel also now displays all the available payment options at a glance, making selecting one even easier. If there is a problem with a PIN, such as that it has expired, this is now displayed immediately, thereby significantly speeding up the process.

For our business customers, the redesigned business page now has its own news area, as well as an overview of upcoming trade shows and events paysafecard is attending. You can also book a meeting appointment online at the same time! The download area and the FAQs have also been redesigned for increased clarity.

In addition to a contemporary look and optimal user-guidance, the new online presence is about continuing to drive paysafecard forward as “cash for the internet” and increasing conversions. The relaunch is an active contribution to opening new markets; a fact underscored by the complete redesign of the mobile version. Mobile payments will continue growing to form an even greater proportion of total transaction volumes.

See for yourself by visiting www.paysafecard.com now.