The global expansion strategy continues

The success of paysafecard stands and falls with two factors: Firstly, its acceptance as a payment method at as many merchants and online shops as possible across a diverse range of categories; secondly, its availability to customers at as many points of sale as possible in their local areas. The second success factor in particular has been an area in which paysafecard has been in a highly dynamic process for some years now, and which has obtained a new, highly promising facet as part of the recent move into Kuwait. The relatively small, but incredibly vital market, is the company’s first step into the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa), which shares a common language and culture and which is home to several hundred million people. The internet and its limitless possibilities for communication and entertainment are well established there and are available to a population highly interested in technology. At the same time, the proportion of “unbanked people” is comparatively high. For this reason, online credit card payments fail these possibilities, as do a general scepticism toward sharing personal details online. These form the optimal conditions for paysafecard as a payment method there.

Kuwait is the 41st country in which paysafecard can be bought and the company has launched there with a highly dense network of local partner sales outlets. The next two countries on the roadmap are Saudi Arabia (launch date in the beginning of December 2015) and the United Arab Emirates (launch date 30th of November 2015), to which the highly prosperous emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi belong. These two emirates in particular distinguish themselves through their high-income local populations, but also through first-rate tourist hotspots, making them highly interesting markets for paysafecard. An additional two new markets are also in the programme for the coming months. Georgia, planned to go live on the 7th of December 2015, is one of the few countries of the former Soviet Union which has grabbed the opportunities offered by online gaming and which actively supports its development. For this reason, paysafecard is establishing itself here too and building a strong local distribution network.

A significantly greater step will be market entry into Japan in 2016. Launching to the third-largest population on the planet sees paysafecard fully commit to its first East Asian market and a country with a technologically highly-sophisticated population. This also means that the demands and expectations there are particularly high, not least because Japan is a country with a significantly high potential for online games.

Its entry into its 41st market already demonstrates that the advantages of paysafecard appeal to people from highly diverse cultures, income brackets and personal interests. paysafecard will continue to enrich this success story with new, interesting and exciting chapters with the addition of these new countries.

If you have any questions about these countries, please contact your account manager.