Tickets: Make more online profits

The cooperation between paysafecard and ski resort Stuhleck shows how modern ticketing systems can save users time, shift revenue online, and at the same time open up new possibilities for Customer Relationship Management.

Long queues at the Stuhleck lift ticket office may soon be a thing of the past. The ski resort, located near Vienna, has introduced a payment system in which lift passes can be repeatedly reloaded via a printed code. The special feature: This reload process now also works with paysafecard from this year on, thanks to a new collaboration. Anyone who buys a PIN at the petrol station, or who has a my paysafecard account, can now buy a lift pass while still at home, or while on the way to the ski resort via their smartphone. The lift sensors recognise the tickets purchased online, and lets the skiers through without delay.

That's not just a benefit for customers, as Andreas Schober, paysafecard Head of New Business, clarifies: "Because the pass is continually re-used by the system, the lift company can instead focus on improving their customer relationship management. The company now has the possibility of introducing profit- or customer-based loyalty programmes, and can target particular user groups." Over the long term, Schober is also convinced that staff costs would be reduced.

A further effect: paysafecard advertising activities, such as promotional girls in the parking lot, or competitions for the introduction of new lift passes, also help to raise awareness of online payment. "We notice that our promotion of online sales channels generally benefit the ticketing system, because many people only then become aware that it's even a possibility. In Stuhleck, for example, 60-70% of customers are still paying with cash. This is despite the inevitable wait times."

These new technological solutions also possess great potential for the cinema and museum businesses. Movie tickets could not only be purchased online, but also be paid for immediately with paysafecard. Waiting for ticket pick-up is thereby eliminated, and box office staff numbers can be reduced. Highly popular museums such as the Vatican already demonstrate how this could end up looking. There, entry for a certain time period can be booked and paid for online. However, the safety aspect is still a hurdle for many customers, believes Schober: "Even abroad, many people consider it too risky to store credit card data on an external website. paysafecard is the ideal solution in such a situation."