Ukash customers successfully shifted to paysafecard

It was one the most major changes in the global payment industry in 2015: The takeover of Ukash by paysafecard, which enabled a key player to ascend to the realms of the global league in one single blow. Merchants like you have benefitted from this: Because more volume means more brand visibility and more demands for webshops where paysafecard is offered. And because we managed to convince virtually all existing Ukash users of the benefits of paysafecard and to acquire new ones within a short time period. The rate of seamless transitions to the new provider was between 80 and 100% per country. Therefore merchants who had high sales volumes with Ukash could continue to generate their previous volumes after the transition. We are particularly proud that more than 90% of all merchants that only accepted Ukash payment options now offer paysafecard.

And there are many merchants like this: Prior to the takeover, Ukash was market leader in large markets such as Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Uruguay. In other countries, such as Spain, France and the Scandinavian countries, the company also reached decisive target groups that now pay with paysafecard.

Now it is time to remove any existing references to Ukash from your websites and marketing materials, in particular any logos. Please remember to do this comprehensively throughout your entire webshop. This will ultimately spare you any unnecessary questions or complaints from customers who feel insufficiently informed.

Some more good news: Since the takeover of Ukash, paysafecard has continued to grow at great speed. This also involves the network of more than 500,000 sales outlets, which has once again encountered a good deal of growth within the past months:

  • With the partner Kasnet in Peru, 4,600 POS were added in one go.
  • Another 1,600 POS with Loterie Fortuna in the Czech Republic
  • In Romania, paysafecard is now available at some 550 Euronet cash machines
  • Since early May, paysafecard is available at all Saturn markets in Germany.
  • In Austria, Erste Bank customers can now purchase paysafecard PINs in their online banking account.
  • In Denmark, paysafecard is now available at the markets of the Coop group, i.e. Kvicky, SuperBrugsen and DagliBrugsen

And more POS always mean: Even more customer potential for our merchants!